Body & Interior – Callaway Camaro

The Carbon Solution

For over twenty years, Callaway Competition has designed and manufactured composite race car parts for winning teams worldwide and award-winning production body panels for European original equipment manufacturers. Now, at Callaway Carbon’s new facility, located in our Santa Ana factory, Callaway engineers are advancing the technology further still*.

To support the Callaway Camaro’s increased power, Callaway engineers developed several air management devices designed to improve stability at high speeds. Their expertise in aerodynamic surfaces produced some highly effective body components: front splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler and diffuser. The decision to utilize carbon fiber reinforced polymer was an easy one, exploiting Callaway Carbon’s and Callaway Competition’s material and production expertise. These optional carbon body panels are not only stunning in appearance but are clearly the superior technical solution.

The optional carbon PowerWindow employs high grade tempered glass to give you a clear view of your Callaway Camaro’s powerplant, adding to this car’s unique presentation. The PowerWindow is only available on Callaway Camaros and is not sold separately.

“It is most satisfying to produce these parts to such a high standard, so efficiently, and in one step. I could not have imagined this was possible ten years ago.  In fact . . . it wasn’t.”
Reeves Callaway


Camaro Cabin Components

Describing the interior craftsmen who construct Callaway interior components as experts is a colossal understatement. Every single part is a work of art.

Callaway Camaro Interior Options were designed to create an environment to enhance the Camaro driving experience, addressing both functionality and aesthetics. The components are produced by German craftsmen according to Callaway engineering specifications using the finest materials available worldwide.

The Callaway Sport Interior Group includes our Leather/Alcantara Steering Wheel, reshaped for improved hand placement and grip. This wheel design promotes proper driving technique and allows for miles of fatigue-free driving. Its high gloss carbon fiber rim sections contrast with the supple leather and Alcantara surfaces for unequalled beauty. The carbon fiber center spotlights the Callaway logo and adorns the matching Alcantara air bag cover. The air bag remains fully functional. The package also includes Callaway’s leather and carbon shift knob, leather shift boot and shift boot surround bezel, and Callaway anodized aluminum pedal pads. Available for manual transmission applications only.

* Callaway uses a production method for making carbon parts that is a version of Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) developed by our partner, Dirk Krämer. This system produces structural carbon skin/foam cored structural components, remarkably, in one step. We use a closed mold and inject the resin under precisely controlled temperature and pressure to achieve a part integrity generally found only in medical and aerospace components. A Class-A surface condition is achieved, with all hard points integral, so that the part is removed from the tool “ready to wear”. We use this part as a demonstration of the the process when potential clients visit the Callaway Carbon facility in Santa Ana, California.