Suspension System – Callaway Camaro

Muscular Handling Too

Callaway Camaros offer much more than spectacular straight-line performance. Callaway Suspension Packages transform can transform your Camaro into a genuine sports car, ready for the twisties in your neighborhood or for lower lap times at your favorite race track. Handling is improved greatly, reducing body roll and improving overall control, while avoiding ride quality deterioration normally experienced with performance suspension.

Level 1 & Level 2 Systems - Two suspension systems are offered. The Level 1 system significantly improves ride and handling but limits adjustability to simplify operation. The Level 2 system is equipped with double-adjustable dampers with independent rebound and compression settings.

Adjustability - In both Level 1 and Level 2 systems, dampers are manufactured with stainless steel, monotube bodies for extended durability and corrosion resistance. The Level 2 option adds 10-position adjustability of compression damping, 7-position adjustability of front rebound damping and 10-position adjustability of rear rebound damping. The external reservoirs increase fluid volume and allow cooler, more consistent operation. This allows Callaway technicians to establish optimum ride height, pitch attitude, cross-weighting, and anti-roll bar stiffness during each installation, and also allows fine-tune compression and rebound damping, independently.

Advanced damper design - Damper pistons are 46 mm in diameter and damper stroke is increased over OE for extended wheel travel. Damper internals are machined to extremely precise dimensions, providing highly accurate, predictable fluid control. Bushing durometer has been selected to restrict deflection for solid ride while avoiding harshness.

Tuned coil springs - Both Level 1 and Level 2 systems come with adjustable coil springs. Ride height is set by Callaway at 25 mm lower than original equipment, via adjustable spring perches. With Level 1 systems, progressive spring rates are employed both front and rear, resulting in a front rate variance of between -14% and +35% and -21% to +31% in the rear, as compared to original equipment springs. With Level 2 systems, linear rate springs are used, with +36% increased rate in front and +25% increased rate in rear.

Balanced for neutral handling - The same anti-roll bars are used with Level 1 and Level 2 systems. The front anti-roll bar is two-position adjustable and the rear bar is three-position adjustable. Callaway’s standard configuration yields a 262% rate increase over original equipment in the front and 174% over the original equipment rear bar for improved turn-in and balance while maintaining excellent ride quality.

All Callaway Camaro suspension systems include factory calibration for aggressive street driving with firm, but not harsh, ride quality. Callaway factory installation also includes precision four-wheel alignment. Callaway Camaro owners are invited to experiment with the settings to their particular liking.

“After a drive with that setup, you’d think we’d be spitting out tooth fillings, but the car tracked true all day. There was so little roll it felt like some kind of handling simulator . . . In fact, it was the most control we’d ever seen in a muscle car. We went back and forth over one twisty section south of the shop and longed for a day at the track. ”
Mark Vaughn, AutoWeek Magazine