Callaway Corvette

Without question, the Chevrolet team has sculpted the seventh-generation Corvette into the most sophisticated, most feature-packed Corvette produced to date. Direct fuel injection, continuously variable valve timing and advanced engine management control architecture are just some of the techniques applied by the folks at GM. The new technology helped Callaway engineers produce breathtaking power from the 6.2L LT1: 627 hp at 6400 rpm and 610 lb-ft of torque at 4400 rpm, with seamless transition into and out of positive manifold pressure. Fuel economy is practically unchanged from stock as active fuel management and modulated supercharger inlet valving monitor driving conditions and respond accordingly.

The heart of the Callaway Corvette package is Callaway’s third-generation supercharger design (pat. pend). Entirely new, Callaway engineers developed a supercharger housing and integrated intake manifold for improved airflow quality and increased charge air cooling capability. Intake manifold runner cross-section and length were tuned for a broad torque band while maintaining excellent peak horsepower. Eaton’s 2300cc TVS rotor pack was selected for its high thermal efficiency, OEM-certified quality, and service-proven reliability. A new triple-element intercooler configuration provides significantly lower inlet charge air temperatures than possible with single and dual element designs. Because of the added volume of the new internals, the supercharger housing itself extends through the hood. Consequently, both conductive and convective heat transfer mechanisms are utilized to remove power-robbing heat from the inlet charge.

To illustrate the improved efficiency of the Callaway intercooler design, inlet air temperature increased by less than 10 degrees F during repeated dynamometer runs, compared to increases of at least 35 degrees F with other superchargers. That means more consistent performance at the track and dragstrip, as well as increased power on the street during summer months.

To prevent drive belt slippage, a new 10-rib pulley system has been incorporated. In fact, certain technical features of the supercharger are significant enough that utility and design aspects of the system are patent pending with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Borrowing concepts from Callaway C12 race car exhaust design, the optional “Callaway Sport” exhaust system replaces the two OEM mufflers with a unitized acoustic chamber. The result is minimized exhaust gas restriction for maximum power with a deep, muscular tone. The signature Double-D exhaust tips are larger than earlier Callaway tips, and now attach directly to the chamber.

In contrast with one-off “tuner” cars, all Callaways are assembled to precise engineering specifications by our expert technicians. That’s one reason why Callaway can provide the most comprehensive standard warranty among all specialty manufacturers, and an optional 5 year/100,000 mile Extended Powertrain Service Contract. It’s also why organizations like NADA include Callaway as its own marque in their price guides.

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Callaway Corvette Standard Equipment

  • New Callaway Supercharger System (pat. pend.) with triple-element intercooler
  • Supercharger-Surround Hood Trim Ring
  • High Flow Intake System
  • Callaway Door Sill Panels
  • Exterior and Interior Badging
  • Underhood Plaque with Vehicle Identification Number
  • Callaway Key Fob
  • Callaway Corvette Authenticity Documentation Package
  • 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Warranty

Callaway Corvette Optional Equipment

  • Low Restriction “Callaway Sport” Exhaust System with Unitized Acoustic Chamber
  • Callaway Nine Spoke FlowForged Alloy Wheels, Black Chrome
  • Callaway ShortThrow Shifter (manual trans. only)
  • Callaway Extended 5 year/100,000 mile Limited Powertrain Service Contract
  • Carbon Flash Callaway Emblem Package
  • National Corvette Museum Delivery
  • Callaway Factory Delivery
  • Callaway Corvette Car Cover
  • Optional suspension, brakes, interior and carbon body equipment to be introduced during the course of the model year