HD Cooling Systems

The ultimate cooling solution for your 2015-19 Z06.

HD Cooling Systems

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• 2015-19 Corvette Z06, installed exclusively by Callaway factories
• 2015-19 Callaway Corvette SC757, optional equipment on new Callaways

It’s common knowledge that the stock C7 Corvette Z06 cooling system can be overtaxed during aggressive driving or on-track use. The result is power loss as the stock intercooler system isn’t capable of removing enough heat from the compressed inlet air. Plus, excessive engine oil temperature can break down lubrication properties, potentially resulting in damage to engine components.

Callaway HD Cooling Systems were developed in a collaborative effort with sister company, Callaway Competition of Leingarten, Germany, and Entwicklungs Partner, Tikt Performance of Stephanskirchen, Germany. We turned to Callaway’s 25 years of motorsports success, combined with Tikt’s product development and advanced manufacturing capabilities, to support production of a proper cooling system solution.

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HD Cooling Grille

HD Cooling Grille:
• Carbon fiber grille surround with laser-cut steel insert
• Integrated ducts direct cooling air to front brakes for improved braking
• Cold air duct feeds fresh, ambient air to engine intake
• Installed exclusively at Callaway facilities

HD Cooling Systems

The “Level 1” System focuses on keeping engine coolant temperature under control and improving supercharger intercooler system performance. Oil temperature control is also improved, as the engine lubrication system is now cooled by the engine’s coolant system. This system is ideal for spirited road driving, for autocross or for high-speed, open road racing events.

HD Cooling System – Level 1 features:
• Carbon fiber grille surround with laser-cut Callaway insert
• High flow-rate intercooler pump for enhanced heat transfer; flows 20% more than SC757 pump and 35% more than stock Z06 pump
• High flow-rate thermostat assembly; CNC-machined housing, anodized in Callaway Blue, with new high-flow thermostat
• Increased intercooler system capacity

The “Level 2” System adds components to further control engine oil temperature and improve aerodynamics. It has been designed specifically for more purpose-built applications: track day cars, racing school cars and the like. A Level 1-equipped car may be upgraded to Level 2 specifications at any time.

HD Cooling System – Level 2 adds:
All Level 1 components, plus –
• Carbon fiber splitter; works with Corvette Stage 2 and Stage 3 aero extensions
• Carbon fiber front undertray with integrated brake cooling channels, extending rearward to front subframe
• Air-to-oil heat exchanger integrated between new splitter and undertray, replacing OEM oil-to-water heat exchanger
• Lightweight Hi-Temp polymer braided -10AN oil cooler lines with CNC-machined thermostatically controlled adapter housing

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All HD Cooling Systems and Grilles are installed exclusively at Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California.

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