Callaway Visits Austin to Show Off its Awesome AeroWagen –
Apr 2, 2018

by Derek Shiekhi,

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Corvette Forum

Callaway custom has more power than the new ZR1 and looks unlike any other Corvette.

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” We’ve all heard that at least once in our lives. Maybe from a teacher. Perhaps in a boring meeting. It’s a nice thought. It’s also wrong. Let’s face it. There are stupid questions. Life would be a lot less frustrating without them.

There are also unnecessary questions. I saw one in my inbox a few weeks ago: “Like to Drive a 757-Horsepower Corvette Next Week?” I can’t say it was a stupid question to ask. The media agency rep who asked me that had never met me before. For all he knew, I could’ve been the lamest guy on the planet who prefers cars to be as exciting as plain oatmeal. It was just unnecessary. He had me at SC757 . . .

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