Callaway Competition

  • Ernst Wöhr
  • Giovanni Ciccone
  • GT3-R
  • Designs, constructs, homologates and sells Corvette C7 GT3-R’s, under exclusive authorization by Chevrolet Division of General Motors – recently expanded to include North America.
  • Accomplished in global GT racing series, including 24 Hours of Le Mans, SCCA, FIA GT, GT Sprint Italy, Australian GT, Super GT (Japan) and ADAC GT Masters series.
  • Currently manages Callaway Competition ADAC GT Masters race team; recognized as “one of the most successful racing teams in ADAC GT Masters history”.
  • Provides complete race car preparation and set-up services.
  • Specialists in the development and optimization of vehicle aerodynamics.
  • Designs and fabricates complex components for competition applications, specializing in advanced composite technology.

Callaway Competition was created in 1985 under the name “Wöhr & Ciccone”. Since its founding, the company has specialized on body production and race car construction. In 1988, Wöhr & Ciccone expanded to include distribution of Callaway Corvettes in Europe. Callaway Competition GmbH got its name in 1994. Since then, racing Corvettes developed and built in Leingarten for ADAC GT Masters and other series have achieved great success. Callaway Competition is the oldest team in ADAC GT Masters, and started in 1993 with a Corvette C4 at the ADAC GT Cup. Since 2006, more than twenty GT3 Corvettes have been built in Leingarten. In 2018, Corvette C7 GT3-R construction was initiated at Callaway’s California facilities to support North American racer/customers, as Chevrolet Division expanded Callaway’s exclusive authorization to construct, homologate and sell Corvette C7 GT3-R’s to include North America.

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Motorsport Support Services

Motorsports SupportMotorsports has always played a crucial role at Callaway. We enjoy current, successful experience in endurance sports car racing that allows us to support aggressive race teams that want to win.

Callaway enjoys a legendary record at many of the world’s great race tracks: Spa, Suzuka, Paul Ricard, Nurburgring Nordschleife and GP courses, Monza, Vallelunga, Hockeheim, Daytona, Lime Rock, Road Atlanta, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Charlotte, Texas World Speedway, Watkins Glen and Mugello.

Currently, Callaway Competition campaigns its own GT3 race team and sells Corvette GT3 and GT4 race cars and support parts and equipment to leading race teams throughout Europe.

Race Car Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services

Artful fabrication is a key part of presenting a mechanical design. At Callaway, we’re versed in all the traditional fabrication arts and recognized for the handsome execution of our designs both above and under the hood. While we’re employing advanced fabrication techniques at our California and Connecticut facilities, we are building world-class, champion GT race cars at Callaway Competition. Constructing these machines requires forming, cutting, machining, welding with a wide variety of metals. Callaway Competition’s expertise in carbon fiber and other composite materials also allows them to produce lightweight, strong structural components and body panels. Traditional German craftsmanship combined with innovative, state-of-the-art technologies results in clever, efficient fabrication solutions.

The Callaway Corvette C7 GT3-R, one of the most powerful, successful and reliable GT race cars, is built by Callaway Competition GmbH in Leingarten, Germany. There is no factory support in building racing Corvettes for GT3 competition, so each detail is developed by the Callaway Competition team, directed by General Manager, Ernst Wöhr. It all starts with a completely-stock Corvette C7 road car. After removing all of the interior and stripping the car down to the bare aluminum chassis, the car gets its steel roll cage. Since the FIA steel roll cage cannot be welded to the Corvette’s aluminum frame, the roll cage is bolted and bonded to the chassis on steel supports. Hundreds of man-hours are spent converting the world-class road car into a world-class GT racer. Most of the carbon fiber parts on the car are hand-made at Callaway Competition to ensure the best possible product quality.

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