2020-2024 Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8

Best of the best … – Donato, 2017 Callaway Corvette
• …Pete and his crew are the Best in the West! – Tom, 2016 Callaway Corvette

Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8

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Months of thorough, meticulous development by Callaway engineering staff have produced the Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8. These cars generate spectacular power (687 bhp) and sensational acceleration (0-60 mph in 2.67 sec) as new Gen4TM Supercharging, three-element TripleCooledTM intercooling and exacting CalCalTM powertrain management calibration work together to boost performance to an astonishing level.

To further personalize your Callaway, an array of available options includes the Callaway Wide Body Package and individual Aerodynamic Body Panels, Callaway Double-D Exhaust, Callaway Forged Nine-Spoke Wheels, Callaway Chassis Group, Callaway Graphics Package, and much more.

Breathtaking power isn’t the only characteristic that defines a Callaway. Every Callaway comes with tasteful badging identifying your car as the “Genuine Article”. Plus, an Authenticity Documentation Package is included with every Callaway build, complete with leather-bound certificate, further validating the vehicle’s provenance.

All Callaway cars, SUVs and pickups are constructed to stringent engineering specifications by expert technicians in our Connecticut and California factories. With flawless drivability and bulletproof durability, Callaway’s 3 Year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty runs concurrent with the factory GM warranty term, providing the most comprehensive coverage of any aftermarket manufacturer.

For more information, call or text (866) 927-9400, or email info@callawaycars.com.

Click the button below to reserve your Serialized Production Slot now with a $1,000 deposit.

Performance Data

Maximum Horsepower: 687 bhp @ 6450 rpm
Maximum Torque: 643 lb-ft @ 4450 rpm*
0 – 60 Acceleration: 2.67 sec
Quarter-Mile ET / Speed: 10.64 sec @ 129 mph

*Horsepower and torque are rated per SAE specification.

Standard Equipment

Gen4™ Supercharging with TripleCooled™ Intercooling

• Gen4™ Supercharging with TripleCooled™ Intercooling

A new, fourth generation “Gen4™” supercharger system has been developed specifically for the Corvette C8 platform. The twin-screw compressor design, with 2900cc displacement, provides massive charge air volume under generous positive manifold pressure for dramatic increases in horsepower and torque. During steady state cruising, deceleration and idling, a bypass valve is applied, diverting inlet air past the compressor section. This results in a requirement of less than 1 horsepower to drive the supercharger assembly, maximizing fuel economy and minimizing engine stresses. To keep the intake charge cool and dense for increased power, the patented TripleCooled™ intercooling system utilizes three low restriction air-to-liquid heat exchangers for maximum heat transfer, especially effective during extended power demand.

• Engine Compartment Shield, Convertibles

Clear polymer panel is a perfect fit, covering convertible engine compartment for added protection.

CalCal™ Powertrain Management Calibration

• CalCal™ Powertrain Management Calibration

With over thirty-five years of GM electronic engine management experience, Callaway engineers have created a path to integrate their performance hardware with the Corvette C8’s electronic powertrain controls. Retaining the Corvette’s OEM sensors, actuators and control modules, all calibration modifications maintain compliance with federal and state emissions regulations. Callaway’s approach accommodates durability and reliability requirements and allows comprehensive coverage by Callaway and GM warranties.

Underhood Plate

• Underhood Plate with Vehicle Identification Number

Permanently affixed to Callaway Corvette C8 underhood panel, laser-etched with vehicle identification number. Further authenticates your Callaway Corvette as “the Genuine Article”.

Threshold Panel Set

• Anodized Threshold Panel Set

Hard-coat anodized aluminum alloy threshold panel set with tri-color Callaway logo.

Embroidered Floor Mat Set

• Embroidered Floor Mat Set

Premium quality, carpeted floor mat set embroidered with Callaway logo.

Interior Identification Plaque

• Interior Identification Plaque

A cast, three dimensional Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8 plaque is affixed to the center console door. Serialized to authenticate your vehicle with its unique serial number.

C8 Badging 1

C8 Badging 2

Shown with optional equipment.

• Rear Quarter Panel and Rear Fascia Badging

Bright Chrome rear diffuser emblem standard, with optional OEM-style carbon flash emblem available. Carbon flash quarter panel emblems are also standard with optional chrome emblem set available.

Authentication Documentation

• Authentication Documentation Package

When you purchase a Callaway, you are presented with an Authenticity Documentation Package, officially verifying that your vehicle is a genuine Callaway. The package includes a Welcome to the Callaway Family letter, Callaway warranty documents, Callaway literature and a leather-bound Certificate of Authenticity. It adds value to your C8 and supports your vehicle’s provenance. Identified by Vehicle Identification Number, the document includes specific configuration information for your Corvette.

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C8 warranty card

• Callaway 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty

Unlike other aftermarket warranties, Callaway provides a comprehensive warranty program that works in tandem with General Motors’ OEM warranties, providing seamless coverage of both Callaway and GM installed components during the term of GM’s 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.

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Optional Equipment

Callaway C8 Wide Body Package

• Callaway C8 Wide Body Package

P/N 150.80.8026 – Handsome yet effective, these strong, lightweight carbon fiber panels are designed and manufactured by Callaway Carbon to control airflow at speed and improve vehicle stability.

Includes –
• Front and Rear Fender Flares, Clear Coated Carbon**
• Inner Wheelhouse Extensions
• Front Splitter Winglet Set
• Rocker Extension “Shark Fin” Guide Vanes

Requires –
• Callaway Carbon Rocker Extension Set
• Callaway Carbon Front Splitter
• Callaway Nine-Spoke Forged Wide Body Wheels

Options –
• Callaway Carbon Slot-Gap Rear Spoiler
• Callaway Carbon Rear Diffuser Assembly
• Callaway Double-D Exhaust System
** OEM Body Color Fender Flares

• Callaway Carbon Front Splitter

P/N 150.80.8124 – Light-weight, ultra-strong and manufactured to precise dimensions, the Callaway Carbon Front Splitter for C8 is a premium quality aerodynamic device, designed to improve vehicle stability.

• Directs high pressure air over the car, and low pressure air under the car
• Configured to increase downforce at speed, improving front tire traction
• Constructed with premium carbon fiber
• Equipped with chevron pattern at splitter tip
• Employs Callaway Carbon’s proprietary manufacturing processes
• Protected from the elements with UV-resistant clear coat
• Boasts Class A surface finish

C8 Rocker Extensions

• Callaway Carbon Rocker Extension Set

P/N 150.80.8024 – Rocker extensions are an important part of the overall aero treatment for the C8. They should be viewed as an integrated part of the overall aero package working in conjunction with the front splitter and the rear diffuser / rear slot gap spoiler. The individual pieces are light weight, high strength and manufactured to precise dimensions. The Callaway Carbon Rocker Extension Set increases vehicle stability while improving your Callaway’s appearance. Use as part of a complete aero package is strongly recommended.

• Restricts airflow from “ducking under” the car especially ahead of the rear wheels
• Improves stability and handling
• Vertical extensions (Shark Vanes) prevent turbulence at rear wheel wells
• Constructed with premium carbon fiber
• Employs Callaway Competition’s proprietary manufacturing processes
• Protected from the elements with high gloss, UV-resistant clear coat
• Boasts Class A surface finish

Callaway Carbon Slot Gap Rear Spoiler

• Callaway Carbon Slot-Gap Rear Spoiler

P/N 150.80.8420 – Features a raised center section that has a wing-element profile, while the outer portions function as traditional spoiler elements. End-cap “winglets” complement the C8’s sharp styling features, and help control airflow at the extremities of the car. Spoiler has more rearward extension, making best use of the pressure differential at the back of the car. Center wing profile is low drag and promotes cleaner airflow over rear engine compartment hatch, and also works in conjunction with the rear diffuser to minimize lift at less expense of drag.

• Increases vehicle stability at speed, improving rear tire traction
• “Slot-Gap” design adds wing-like downforce while providing unique looks
• Constructed with premium quality carbon fiber
• Employs Callaway Carbon’s proprietary manufacturing processes
• Protected from the elements with UV-resistant clear coat
• Boasts Class A surface finish

Callaway Carbon Rear Diffuser

• Callaway Carbon Rear Diffuser

P/N 150.80.8128 – Complementing the new center-exit exhaust tips, the diffuser was designed to reduce turbulence and drag at the rear of the vehicle and provide ample cooling airflow around the exhaust system, all while looking the part in its perfectly-tailored carbon-fiber suit. It also houses the signature Callaway emblem in either chrome or carbon flash black metallic. The tow-hook cover is also molded in weave-matching carbon fiber and is magnetically-retained into the diffuser.

• Includes Bright Chrome Callaway Emblem
• Increases overall vehicle stability at speed
• Accommodates Callaway Center Exit Double -D Exhaust Systems
• Constructed with premium quality carbon fiber
• Employs Callaway Carbon’s proprietary manufacturing processes
• Protected from the elements with UV-resistant clear coat
• Boasts Class A surface finish

• Callaway Double-D Exhaust System

P/N 108.80.4800 – A lightweight, central acoustic chamber design creates a unique exhaust note; refined and mature. Internal chamber design and tube construction provide natural frequency-cancellation that otherwise creates in-cabin resonance/droning. To the bystander, it is not raucous, rather a smoother, higher-pitched note. Full T304 Stainless Steel construction, CAD-designed and TIG-welded, featuring Callaway’s signature Double-D, rolled-edge exhaust tip. The low-restriction system is also integrated with a new carbon fiber diffuser assembly, and is exposed to substantial cooling airflow, especially critical in a mid-engined configuration.

• Designed with PRO/Engineer CAD software
• Muffler’s acoustic design minimizes the “motorboat effect” produced by the LT2 firing order
• Mandrel-bent tubing eliminates restrictive “neck-downs” at bends
• Robotic welding prevents leaks while providing perfect weld beads for enhanced appearance
• High quality hardware provides reliable factory installation
• Premium grade stainless steel used throughout for maximum corrosion resistance and extended durability

• Optional Satin Black Double-D Exhaust Tips

P/N 108.80.5154 – Stainless steel Double-D Exhaust Tips are finished with a satin black ceramic coating, replacing the standard polished stainless steel tips, to coordinate with the Callaway Carbon diffuser color.

C8 Wheel

Wide Body C8 Wheel

• Callaway Forged Nine-Spoke Corvette C8 Wheel Sets

P/N 140.80.75xx –

Standard Width Wheels
for Callaway Corvette C8 and Corvette Stingray

Wide Body Wheels
for Callaway Wide Body C8 and Corvette Z06.

  • Refreshed Nine-Spoke design complements the Corvette’s C8’s styling.
  • “Standard Width” wheels are 0.5” wider than OEM Corvette wheels, with offset configured for proper fit.
  • “Wide Body” wheels provide maximum tire contact patch, while fitting entire wheel/tire package within Callaway C8 Wide Body and Z06 body envelopes.
  • Forged aluminum construction offers greater strength with significantly less mass.
  • Over 20% of rotational mass is removed, compared to the OEM Corvette wheels, improving overall performance:
  • – Offers peace-of-mind against typical cast-wheel construction being prone to damage over poor road surfaces.
    – Less energy is required to accelerate, change direction, and decelerate the wheels.
    – Suspension performance is improved as it requires less work to maintain tire contact patch to the road surface.
    – Driver inputs are more efficiently communicated to the tires during acceleration, steering inputs and braking.

  • Wheels have passed testing per TÜV and ISO standards for fatigue bending, impact and rolling performance.
  • Two front wheels, two rear wheels, four carbon fiber center caps and lug nuts are included with each wheel set.

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Attractive, durable finishes

Satin Black


Gloss Titanium**


Matte Bronze


Ceramic Polished**


Black Chrome PVD

** Not available in Wide Body.

• Locking Lug Nuts

P/N 240.80.7745, 240.80.7746 – Protect your Nine-Spoke Forged Wheels from theft with these Bright Chrome plated or Black Chrome powder coated, precision-machined Locking Lug Nuts.

Chassis Group

• Chassis Group

P/N 120.80.6310 – The Callaway Chassis Group includes all parts required to optimize your Corvette’s handling, without applying race car harshness. With ride height adjustment and four-wheel alignment.

• New Coil Springs are specified for improved suspension performance
• Anti-Roll Bars are configured to eliminate excessive body roll
• Coil spring perches are set for proper, lowered ride height
• Wheel alignment at all four corners for optimized ride height, aggressive driving

• Titanium Tow Hook Set

P/N 125.80.9050 – Callaway Titanium Tow Hooks for your C8 allow for easy and safe trackside transportation and for other convenient towing. Titanium construction provides high strength with light weight. For front and rear attachment.


• Rear Hatch Assist

P/N 150.80.8460 – Callaway’s Rear Hatch Assist solves a common C8 problem: Rear hatches, or “liftgates” as GM calls them, that require extra effort to open, and extra attention to remain open. These replacement struts are factory installed and adjusted to provided reliable, simplified rear hatch control.

Callaway Graphics Package

• Callaway Graphics Package

P/N 150.80.9020 – Precision die-cut polymer film includes large Callaway logo characters, ensuring your Callaway Corvette looks special. Installed by expert Callaway technicians.


• Carbon Flash Rear Fascia Callaway Badge
(repl. std. Chrome Callaway Badge)

P/N 150.80.9010 – Callaway Rear Fascia Badge finished in OEM-matching Carbon Flash is an available option to replace Callaway’s standard equipment Bright Chrome Rear Fascia Badge.


• Chrome Rear Quarter Badging
(repl. std. Carbon Flash Rear Quarter Callaway Badging)

P/N 150.80.9030 – Callaway Rear Quarter Badge finished in Bright Chrome is an available option to replace Callaway’s standard equipment Rear Quarter Badge in OEM-matching Carbon Flash.

Callaway Debossed Alcantara Horn Cover

• Callaway Debossed Air Bag Cover, with Alcantara Center Section

P/N 160.80.8757 – A direct replacement of the OEM steering wheel center, this Horn Cover is equipped with a premium quality Alcantara center section, debossed with the Callaway logo. Air bag function and all other steering wheel controls, are fully retained with this option.

Callaway Debossed Alcantara Horn Cover

• Callaway Debossed Full Alcantara Air Bag Cover

P/N 160.80.8758 – A direct replacement of the OEM steering wheel center, this Horn Cover is completely covered with premium quality Alcantara, debossed with the Callaway logo and outlined with a contrasting stitching. Air bag function and all other steering wheel controls, are fully retained with this option.

C8 Pedal Pad Set

• Callaway Sport Billet Pedal Pad Set

P/N 160.80.8780 – CNC-machined, hard-coat anodized aluminum alloy accelerator pedal, brake pedal and dead pedal covers. Direct feel to the driver. Non-slip brake pedal.

Callaway Mothers Detailing Kit

• Callaway/Mothers Detailing Kit

P/N 280.80.9300 – Mothers® Detailing Bag, featuring a Callaway-embroidered flap, is a convenient way to carry the best car care products to protect and maintain your Corvette’s original condition. Comes stocked with a selection of Mothers cleaning products and supplies.

C8 car cover

• Embroidered Car Cover

P/N 200.80.9150 – Stretchy, flannel-lined satin car cover embroidered with Callaway logo. Designed for interior storage.

Extended Powertrain Service Contract

• 5 Year / 60,000 Mile Extended Powertrain Service Contract

P/N 188.80.0002 – For extended protection of Callaway and GM drivetrain components, Callaway offers an Extended Powertrain Service Contract that matches the term of the 5 year / 60,000 mile GM factory powertrain warranty. While the coverage is limited to drivetrain-related parts, the program is administered as the Callaway Limited Warranty.

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Delivery Options

• Callaway Factory Delivery – P/N 185.80.0002

• Thompson Speedway Club Track Delivery – P/N 185.80.0003

• National Corvette Museum Delivery – P/N 185.80.0004

Info Sheet

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Callaway Corvette C8 info sheetCallaway Corvette Wide Body Package Info Sheet

Photo Gallery

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Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8 FAQs

Get Your Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8

You’ll want to speak with Callaway Cars’ staff to discuss Callaway specifications and define your Supercharged Corvette C8 build. Our people will provide information, answer your questions and make recommendations. Please call or text Callaway Cars at (866) 927-9400, or submit the Information Request Form and we’ll start the process.

Specifically, you may choose one of these paths:

1. Purchase a new, in-stock Callaway Corvette from your local Callaway Authorized Dealer’s inventory.

2. Order a new Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8 from your local Callaway Authorized Dealer. The GM assembly plant will build the vehicle according to your equipment selection. Then, GM will dropship it to Callaway’s Connecticut or California factories for final assembly to Callaway specifications.

3. Purchase a new, in-stock Chevrolet Corvette from your local Chevrolet Dealer’s inventory. The Dealer will arrange shipment to Callaway’s Connecticut or California factories for conversion to Callaway specifications.

4. Ship your existing pre-owned Corvette to Callaway for “Direct Conversion” to Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8 specifications. Our staff will help with transportation to and from Callaway’s Connecticut or California factories.

Regardless of which path is selected:

• If you purchase a new Callaway, you can take delivery at your Chevrolet dealership or at another location of your choice; for example, your home, business, etc. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Delivery, National Corvette Museum, and Callaway Factory Delivery are also available options.

• If we convert your pre-owned Corvette to Callaway specifications, you can pick up the car at the Callaway factory or we can ship it to your home, business, or another location of your choice.

Reserve Your Serialized Production Slot:

Your Callaway Supercharged Corvette C8 build will be initiated by reserving your production order with a $1,000 deposit. Click HERE to send your deposit and “get your order rolling”. For more information, please call or text us at (866) 927-9400, email us at ownercare@callawaycars.com or click HERE to complete and submit the Information Request Form.

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