Extended Powertrain Service Contract

The Callaway Extended Powertrain Service Contract provides extra long term security and value for your Callaway car or truck. Your investment in this program increases the term of your Callaway powertrain coverage from 3 years/36,000 miles to 5 years/100,000 miles – equivalent to, and concurrent with, the factory GM powertrain warranty term. All repair services are administered and performed by your Authorized Callaway/Chevrolet Dealer, with technical support by Callaway engineers if required.

This service contract is typically purchased as an option at the original vehicle purchase. To purchase this option for a used Callaway car or truck, just make an appointment with your authorized Callaway/Chevrolet dealer to schedule the Service Contract Qualification Inspection. This inspection establishes that your Callaway car or truck has no preexisting conditions that would cause it to be disqualified from warranty coverage. Once your Callaway passes this inspection (a $500 inspection fee is payable), you may purchase the Extended Powertrain Service Contract from your Dealer. Immediately following your purchase, the Dealer submits the records to Callaway Cars Headquarters and you receive personalized documentation directly from Callaway.

Click on the thumbnails below for complete Callaway Extended Powertrain Service Contract terms, conditions and Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions, please contact Callaway Cars at 860 434 9002.

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Part No.

Callaway Corvette 288.60.0001 $2900.
Callaway SportTrucks 288.23.0001 $2900.
Callaway SS 288.32.0001 $2900.
Callaway Camaro 288.37.0001 $2900.
Service Contract Qualification Inspection, All Models 288.00.0001 $500.