Air Filter Maintenance

• When and how should I maintain my Callaway’s air filter element?
Unless it becomes physically damaged or improperly maintained, your air filter element will not need replacement during the life of your car.

Maintenance should be conducted at regular intervals as specified in your owner’s manual (typically 37,500, 75,000, 112,500 & 150,000 miles) and should include thorough cleaning and re-oiling of the element with Callaway P/N 203.50.9251, Filter Cleaning Kit or the K&N® equivalent. As with any filter element, the operating environment, such as high dust areas, will impact length of service interval.

Service Instructions:
1. Tap filter element or blow out with air to remove excess dirt and other foreign material. If blowing out, avoid damaging the filter element material with excessive air pressure.
2. Spray filter element with Callaway or K&N® cleaning solution and allow solution to soak into the element for approximately 15 minutes. PLEASE NOTE: Never use strong detergents, high-pressure water, or flammable solvents.
3. Rinse filter with warm water to flush out any remaining dirt. Water flow direction: clean side to dirty side.
4. Allow filter to dry naturally. Avoid exposure to excessive heat as it may shrink and tear the filter element material.
5. Re-oil filter using Callaway or K&N® Filter Oil.

CAUTION: Use only Callaway Filter Oil or K&N® Filter Oil. Never use motor oil, transmission fluid, WD-40 or other non-recommended oils. Use of non-recommended oils can result in poor filtration and may ignite under certain conditions.
Do not over-oil filter element as this may cause damage to engine management sensors in the intake system. Apply enough oil to cover the filter element material without dripping off the filter. Never use Callaway filters without oil.

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