Exhaust Systems

Callaway C7 Exhaust

We think the car should have a signature sound.

When designing Callaway exhaust systems, our engineers’ primary consideration has always been to promote maximum exhaust gas flow in order to generate the most horsepower possible. In fact, they were able to accomplish this for both the Corvette and Camaro systems while maintaining the quintessential Callaway sound: Not too loud, not too quiet, with a deep, powerful tone. Excitingly pleasing for the driver, not raucous for the bystander. Just the right note to make folks on the sidelines say, “Wow, what a great sound!”

Callaway’s muffler acoustic design minimizes the “motorboat effect” of the Chevrolet LS-series firing order. The result is a steady, evenly spaced firing-order sound, produced by joining both banks in the firing order. Plus, CNC-mandrel bent pipes and precise muffler dimensions make Callaway exhaust systems very easy to install.

Callaway exhaust systems include stainless steel mufflers, polished exhaust tips, stainless steel over-axle tubes, premium quality hardware, and comprehensive instructions.

  • Designed with PRO/Engineer CAD software.
  • Less back pressure than all other systems tested.
  • Mandrel-bent tubing eliminates restrictive “neck-downs” at bends.
  • Robotic welding prevents leaks while providing perfect weld beads for enhanced appearance.
  • CNC-manufactured for easy installation without interference.
  • Premium grade T304 stainless steel used throughout for maximum corrosion resistance, increased ductility, and extended durability.
“The craftsmanship here is exemplary.  Polished stainless construction.  Deep drawn and stamped end housings. Welded together by robotic TIG.  These systems are a masterpiece.”Reeves Callaway

Callaway Sport Exhaust System Info Sheet

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Callaway Sport Exhaust System Info Sheet


Model Year/Application

Part No.

Sugg. Retail

2014-2019, All exc. Z06 208.72.4800 $2880.
2015-2019, Z06 only 208.72.4801 $2880.
2010-2014, with single-tip exhaust
(exc. 2011-14 Convertible w/auto. trans.)
208.37.4800 $1795.
2010-2014, with quad-tip exhaust 208.37.4801 $1895.
2011-2014, with single-tip exhaust
(Convertible w/auto. trans. only)
208.37.4802 $1795.
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