2003-2003.5 MAZDASPEED Protegé
Turbocharger System Parts

Mazdaspeed Parts Schematic

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Item No. Callaway Part No. Product Name
1 MSP.10001.001 Exhaust Manifold
2 MSP.10001.003 Exhaust Manifold-to-Turbocharger Stud
3 MSP.10000.001 Turbine Inlet Gasket
4 MSP.10003.000.U Turbocharger, MAZDASPEED, Used
7 MSP.10034.000 Turbocharger Heat Shield
8 MSP.10004.001 Downpipe, Exhaust Outlet
9 MSP.10004.002 Downpipe-to-Elbow Stud
10 MSP.10014.005 Oil Feed Hose Clamp Set
11 MSP.10014.006 Mounting Bolt, Turbo Oil Feed Clamp
12 MSP.10015.001 Turbocharger Drain Flange Assembly
13 MSP.10015.002 O-Ring, Turbo Oil Drain Fitting
14 MSP.10015.003 Oil Drain Fitting-to-Turbocharger Bolt
15 MSP.10015.004 Washer, Turbo Oil Drain Fitting 
17 MSP.10015.021 Clamp, Hose to Turbo Drain Flange 
18 MSP.10016.200 Water Feed Pipe Assembly
19 MSP.10016.009 Banjo Bolt, Water Return, M14 x 1.5mm
21 MSP.10016.014 Clamp, Water Feed Inlet
22 MSP.10017.100 Water Return Pipe Assembly
23 MSP.10002.000 Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
24 MSP.10017.010.B Water Return Elbow
25 MSP.10017.008 Clamp, Water Return Pipe-to-Elbow
26 MSP.10010.00E Duct, MAF Sensor to Compressor Inlet
29 MSP.10012.00G Duct, Compressor Out-to-Intercooler Inlet
30 MSP.10012.003 Clamp, Comp Out, IC In, IC Out-to-Duct
31 MSP.10013.00D Duct, Intercooler Outlet to Throttle Body
33 MSP.10007.00D Duct, Inlet Air-to-Airbox
38 MSP.10035.002 Bypass Valve Hose, Short
39 MSP.10035.003 Bypass Valve Hose, Long
40 MSP.10035.004 Clamp, Air Bypass Valve, Hose-to-Valve
41 MSP.10035.005 Clamp, Air Bypass Valve Hose-to-Duct
42 MSP.10020.005 Clamp, Boost Control Hose-to-Intake
43 MSP.10020.006 Clamp, Boost Control Hose to ABV and WG Actuator
44 MSP.10022.001 Canister Purge Check Valve
47 MSP.10022.004 Clamp, Intake Hose-to-Check Valve
48 MSP.10022.005 Clamp, Solenoid Hose-to-Check Valve
50 MSP.10032.000 Radiator Hose, Lower
51 MSP.10033.000 Radiator Hose, Upper
58 MSP.01104.000 Oxygen Sensor Plug
59 MSP.01104.001 Oxygen Sensor Plug Gasket
61 MSP.10014.002 Turbo Oil Feed Adapter, 1/8″ NPT x -4 AN Male
63 MSP.10015.015 Oil Drain Block Assy
65 MSP.10015.019 Fitting-to-Girdle Bolt
66 MSP.10015.020 Fitting-to-Girdle Bolt Washer
67 MSP.10015.006 Thermal Sleeve, Turbo Oil Drain
69 MSP.10016.001 Banjo Bolt Assy, Turbo Water Feed
70 MSP.10016.002 Banjo Gasket, Turbo Water Feed Source
72 MSP.10016.013 Clamp, Water Feed, Source
74 MSP.10021.009 Rear Oxygen Sensor Connector Bracket, Front
75 MSP.10021.010 Rear Oxygen Sensor Connector Bracket, Middle
77 MSP.10021.011 Rear Oxygen Sensor Connector Bracket, Rear
80 MSP.10014.003 Turbocharger Oil Feed Hose