Limited Warranty – Callaway Forged C8 Corvette Wheels

Callaway warrants to the original retail purchaser of Callaway Forged C8 Corvette Wheels that they are free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 36 months from the date of purchaser delivery. Callaway warrants the wheel finish for the same period, which is also subject to the following exclusions.


This limited warranty is void when wheels have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, aftermarket repairs and refinishing, re-drilling, heating, bending, cutting, welding, improper installation, improper tires, improper inflation, improper loading, imbalance, clip weight use, misalignment, road hazards, impact or collision, curbing, body contact, off-road use, competitive events, exposure to road salt, weather, infrequent or improper cleaning, use of harsh cleaning chemicals, hard or coarse cleaning brushes or fabrics, fire and vandalism.


Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions with respect to tire sizing and load capacities.

Mount tires on wheels only with mounting equipment designed for performance aluminum wheels. Do not use equipment that will scrape or abrade the wheels.

Use adhesive balancing weights only! Clip-on weights will cut into the wheels’ protective clear coating.

Use only Callaway recommended mounting hardware.

Using a calibrated torque wrench, torque lug nuts according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.

Maintain proper air pressure in tires by checking tire pressures at frequent intervals. Use pressure guidelines recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Your Callaway wheels are supplied to you with a protective clearcoat. The protective clearcoat must be maintained as you would maintain the painted finish of your car’s body. Clean your wheels frequently to prevent brake dust and dirt deposits from corroding the wheel finish. Only use a solution of mild soap and water for cleaning your wheels. Do not use any spray cleaners or degreasers that you would not use on the finish of your car! Avoid car washes that use harsh detergent prewashes which will damage your clearcoat. Do not wash wheels while they are very hot from use.


Contact Callaway Technical Support at (860) 434-9002 with any warranty concerns. Callaway assumes no responsibility for removing or reinstalling wheels, loss of vehicle use, loss of time or other consequential expense.