Callaway Camaro Press Kit

Key Points

Product Name: Callaway Camaro SC750
Based On: Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
Technical Data:
– Engine Displacement: 6.2 L (376 cubic inches)
– Maximum Power (SAE): 750 bhp @ 6500 RPM
– Maximum Torque (SAE): 739 bhp @ 3650 RPM
Product Name: Callaway Camaro SC630
Based On: Chevrolet Camaro SS
Technical Data:
– Engine Displacement: 6.2 L (376 cubic inches)
– Maximum Power (SAE): 630 bhp @ 6400 RPM
– Maximum Torque (SAE): 610 bhp @ 4400 RPM
  • Equipped with Callaway-designed GenThree™ Supercharger
    -Callaway intake manifold design with improved runner configuration for increased mid-range torque
    -TripleCooled™ intercooler design with three discrete elements and increased-capacity coolant pump for lower, more consistent inlet air temperature
    -Exposes supercharger housing through supercharger surround trim ring in hood for additional convective heat transfer
    -More technical details here
  • Most comprehensive warranty of any specialty vehicle
    -More warranty details here
  • Built by expert craftsmen in Callaway factories, located in Temecula California and Old Lyme Connecticut
  • Callaway Camaro Standard Equipment
    -Callaway GenThree™ Supercharger with TripleCooled™ Intercooler System
    -Callaway AeroSurround Hood Extractor
    -Callaway Carbon Fiber Mid Engine Covers with SC750 or SC630 Emblems
    -Callaway High Flow Intake System
    -Callaway Underhood Build Plaque with VIN
    -Callaway Badging, Exterior and Interior
    -Callaway Door Sill Panels
    -Callaway Embroidered Floor Mats
    -Callaway Key Fob
    -Callaway Authenticity Documentation Package
    -Callaway 3 year/36,000 mile Limited Warranty
  • Callaway Camaro Optional Equipment
    -Callaway Camaro Nine-Spoke Wheels (SS only)
    -Callaway Camaro Embroidered Car Cover
    -Callaway Factory Delivery Experience
    -Callaway 5 year/60,000 mile Extended Powertrain Service Contract

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Callaway Camaro SC750

Callaway Camaro SC630

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Press Release Archive


Old Lyme, Connecticut, March 17, 2016 — Today, Callaway Cars has announced plans to manufacture the Callaway Camaro SC740* — the specialist version of the 2017 Camaro ZL1 which Chevrolet will begin to produce later this year.

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

With 740 bhp, the Callaway Camaro SC740* will produce more power than any other high-hp production sport coupe:

• Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 — 640 hp est.
• Ford Mustang Roush Stage 3 — 670 hp
• Dodge Challenger Hellcat — 707 hp
• Callaway Camaro SC740* — 740 hp est.

Callaway’s GenThree™ Supercharger System is at the core of the Callaway Camaro SC740*. Unencumbered by original equipment manufacturers’ packaging and cost constraints, Callaway replaces the Camaro ZL1’s supercharger with its patented GenThree™ Supercharger. Rotor pack displacement is increased from 1740cc to 2300cc: 32% larger than stock. Callaway engineers also designed the new supercharger housing and integrated intake manifold to reduce charge air temperature and to increase airflow quality for more power. Plus, Callaway’s TripleCooled™ intercooler system utilizes three low-restriction intercooler elements for more consistent lap-to-lap performance at the track and more consistent run-to-run performance at the dragstrip. And, electronic engine management is programmed for perfect drivability under all driving conditions. See “Callaway Supercharging” in the website for more detailed information.

The Callaway Camaro SC740* will be available in late 2016 as a 2017 model, built at Callaway’s California and Connecticut factories and sold by Chevrolet dealers nationwide. The Callaway Camaro SC740* will come with Chevrolet’s advanced ZL1 handling and aerodynamic equipment, as well as the optional, new-for-2017, ten-speed automatic transmission. All Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s are covered by the most comprehensive warranty program offered by any specialty manufacturer, overlapping the GM factory warranties.

The Callaway Camaro SC610 is available now in both coupe and convertible body style (coupe shown below). Photo gallery here. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Callaway Camaro SC740* will be offered only as a coupe.

2016 Callaway Camaro Front 3/4 View 2016 Callaway Camaro Underhood

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*Callaway Camaro SC740 power rating to be finalized following package validation.
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