1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Callaway Twin Turbo

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1985 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Callaway Twin Turbo for sale

This car is believed to be the fifth Alfa Twin Turbo built. It is the car in the Callaway brochure, the Road & Track and Car and Driver test car, as well as Bobcor Motors’ “showroom demo”. More recently, the cover feature, January 2012, Sports & Exotic Car Magazine.

The unique attractiveness of this car is its history as the brochure and road test car but, importantly, it still has its original paint, while the engine compartment is also unmolested. Except for the Maratona flares, and two 1-inch-square rust repairs, the paint is factory-applied. The unique hand striping is preserved. Unfortunately, the previous owner discarded the original wheels, but the car now wears period-correct wheels. Interior restoration includes an OEM-type headliner and OEM-type velvet door and window gaskets. A period-correct radio is installed. The unparalleled Recaro seats were fit by a previous owner while the balance of the interior is original. The original Callaway Owner’s Manual as well as the original Callaway Maintenance Manual are with the car, as are the original key sets.

Slightly over 79,000 original miles. In 2013, while returning to the Sports & Exotic Car show, it had a small engine fire. A complete engine rebuild by Greg Gordon was completed in 2015. A full professional detail just completed. Extensive Alfa Romeo Callaway promotional material and magazine articles accompany the car.
A clean Carfax.



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