1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette


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1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette

For Sale by Owner

From the owner:

The “Charles Burnett III” Callaway Corvette was ordered in August 1986 and shipped to Callaway in November that year, with delivery to its original owner in February 1987. In early 1993, this car was back at Callaway for an extensive “update”. The quote for work to be done was in excess of $50,000 and included modifications to the engine, gearbox, drivetrain and suspension. The result was a 500 bhp, 620 ft-lb performance package that easily beat that year’s ZR-1.

With just 14,850 miles on the clock, it is clear that this car had seen little action in the past 27 years and, as such, it was given a full service in late 2019 when I acquired the car. All fluids were changed and the car was given an MOT test to make it 100% UK road legal. It has recently had another MOT test, these being an annual requirement in the UK.

Currently, the car is in the UK and I am happy to help with shipment back to the USA, if that is where the new prospective owner lives, or anywhere else in the world.

It comes with lots of documentation that backs up its early life, plus bills for recent work.


Overall, the condition is very good and I am happy to discuss in detail everything I know about this special car.

Odometer Reading

14,850 miles

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