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1989 Callaway Corvette Convertible for sale

From the owner

This is a documented, authentic 1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette, built with the General Motors RPO B2K option. Production number 02 of 68 cars produced for the 1989 model year. It is one of 25 convertibles built in 1989, and one of 19 Callaway Corvettes which featured the heavy-duty Callaway automatic transmission that year. Eleven of those automatics were convertibles.

Originally sold through Chesrown Chevrolet (later becoming John Elway Autonation Chevrolet) in Denver, Colorado, this Callaway has travelled 5800 miles since new. The current owner added approximately 150 miles under his ownership. Two pairs of door and ignition keys are provided.

The exterior is finished in Medium Blue Metallic paint (RPO Code 20U) with Bright Blue interior (RPO Code 212) and a white convertible top. The seller acquired the car in 2007 and added the Callaway AeroBody to this vehicle soon after taking ownership. The seller and Callaway internal records report no indication of any accident or crash damage to this car.

Power is provided by the twin-turbocharged 5.7 liter L98 V8 engine paired with a four-speed automatic transmission with auxiliary overdrive. Rated at 382 horsepower and 562 pound-feet of torque. Callaway Twin Turbo factory equipment includes the engine conversion under the RPO B2K Option, and SEO Z5G Equipment Group which incorporated the J55 big brake system, long air dam, power steering cooler, sport muffler system, electronic climate control, dual power-adjustable leather bucket seats, electric windows, electric door locks, and dual power and heated mirrors.

The car is upholstered in Bright Blue leather with blue carpeting and black trim, in the factory original configuration. The B2K Callaway package included an analog boost gauge displaying manifold pressure in inches of Mercury. The remainder of dashboard gauges consists of an electronic digital display and features a large tachometer and speedometer with redundant numerical displays in each. Between the two main gauges, a “Driver’s Information Center” has a multi-function display for oil pressure, coolant and oil temperatures, volts, fuel economy, fuel level and more.

Mileage is accurately displayed on the analog odometer. Callaway-specific emblems remain in place above the radio, at the center of the steering wheel, and includes the fuel requirement emblem on the left side, near the headlamp switch. An aftermarket stereo system was installed by the original owner of this car, and it remains today. The Callaway build sequence plaque is properly affixed on the cup holder lid which lists this car as #02 for the 1989 model year.

Regular Production Option B2K signified something exceptionally unique for Corvette. It was the first and only time an engine option was available on the car from an outside company, and was installed off-site, with cars drop-shipped on General Motors carriers to Callaway Cars in Old Lyme, Connecticut where they were converted, then shipped to the selling dealers. 510 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes were built between 1987-1991, with RPO B2K reappearing for 2012 in commemoration of Callaway Cars’ 25th Anniversary. 26 RPO B2K Corvettes were built that year, following the same pattern of drop-shipping Corvettes to Callaway facilities for conversion.

1989 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes feature dual Rotomaster Compac turbochargers compressing inlet air gathered from the Callaway cold-air box and channeled through the boxed frame rail crossmember, to the intercoolers. Pressurized air passes through the twin heat exchangers, then fed through the “Ram’s Horn” which houses two additional Bosch fuel injectors driven by the Callaway MicroFueler™ fuel enrichment controller. They added additional fuel under boost. The factory Tuned Port Injection upper manifolding was refinished on all 1989-1991 B2K cars by Callaway in a black wrinkle finish. Under-hood ducting channels cooling air to the intercoolers in a clever fashion. This vehicle also retains the proper oval exhaust tips, as added by Callaway to the factory sport mufflers.

Ultra-lightweight magnesium Callaway 17” Dymag Wheels are 9.5”x 17.0 wide. These wheels retain their proper finish and proper Corvette center caps with locking bolts. Key is included. Tires are 275-40/ZR17, front and rear.

Callaway Authenticity Documentation is included, along with several magazines from the period when the car was new. This Callaway Corvette is titled in the owner’s name, and is ready for immediate transfer upon sale.



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