1994 Callaway Twin Turbo ZR-1

Here is a very special opportunity to own one of Callaway’s special program vehicles:
• Third of only three Twin Turbo LT5-based Corvettes built by Callaway.
• The only one of these cars with stock bodywork.

Other unique details: the Paul Deutschman-styled (Callaway AeroBody™ Designer) intercooler ducts, the manifold pressure gauge mounted in the dash (in the original ZR-1 Power Key location), and the 18″ RW magnesium wheels.

Lifting the hood reveals a turbocharged LT5 engine that produces over 780 horsepower. Special equipment includes: twin Garrett T04B turbochargers with air-air intercooler, high capacity fuel injectors, Carillo connecting rods, forged Cosworth 8.5:1 pistons, Callaway intake camshafts, recalibrated PCM, blueprinted and balanced ZF gearbox, four-wheel Brembo brakes package, 18″ RW magnesium wheels (10.0″ front, 11.0″ rear) with Michelin Pilot SX tires (285/35-18 front, 325/30-18 rear), steel halfshafts, C.O.I.L. suspension system, single mass flywheel with Centerforce clutch, five-point seatbelts with modified seats, and integrated Callaway roll bar.

This 1994 Callaway Corvette was featured in VETTE Magazine. Click on the images below to view full size.

Price $95,000.

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