1996 Callaway SuperNatural® Corvette Grand Sport

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Corvette Enthusiast Magazine – October 2005

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This SuperNatural® coupe is an authentic C4-generation Callaway Corvette Grand Sport. There were only eight 1996 Corvettes converted to Callaway SuperNaturals; this is the only Callaway SuperNatural® Corvette Grand Sport. Grand Sport No. 254 is a genuine one-of-one Corvette.

The two-owner car is equipped with Callaway’s AeroBody and finished in the Grand Sport’s Admiral Blue paint. The factory-style wide white stripe treatment and red front fender hash marks are retained. A contrasting red/black interior is in excellent condition, as the previous owner was reported to use portable seat covers when driving.

Originally equipped with the one-year-only LT4 engine, Grand Sports came from Chevrolet with specific intake manifold, cylinder heads, valve train components, fuel injectors and other key LT4 parts. Callaway’s SuperNatural® modifications included replacing the rotating assembly with a long-stroke forged crankshaft, longer-than-stock connecting rods, and forged pistons. Cylinder blocks were bored and honed; together with the longer stroke, displacement was increased from 350 to 383 cubic inches. Cylinder head porting, larger intake valves, a multiple-angle valve job, specific hydraulic roller camshaft and other Callaway-specific engine parts enhanced airflow for more power. The Callaway SuperNatural® package increased power to 450 bhp @ 5750 RPM and torque was increased to 445 lb-ft @ 4750 rpm. This car, as all ’96 Grand Sports, is equipped with GM’s six-speed manual transmission (RPO MN6).

Along with Callaway’s SuperNatural® and AeroBody packages, the original owner also added Callaway’s exhaust system, clutch, flywheel and short-throw shifter.

Chevrolet optional equipment includes the Selective Real Time Damping suspension system (RPO F45), Delco-Bose CD audio system (RPO U1F), driver and passenger power Sport Seats (RPO AG1 & AG2) with Grand Sport Edition leather and low tire pressure warning indicator (RPO UJ6). See original factory window sticker.

The Grand Sport’s odometer currently reads 39,901 miles. The owner indicates that this vehicle is in excellent condition.



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