2011 Callaway Corvette Grand Sport SC606

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2011 Callaway Corvette SC606 For Sale


VIN: 1G1YR3DW1B5106481
Body Style: Grand Sport Convertible
Exterior: Arctic White
Interior: Black / Red Leather
Trim Level: 2LT
Engine: Callaway Supercharged 6.2L LS3
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual

Odometer Reading

18,673 miles

Callaway Corvette Package includes

• 606 Horsepower / 553 lb-ft Torque
• Callaway TVS2300 Supercharger System
• Callaway Carbon Engine Covers
• Callaway Honker™ Intake System
• Callaway Double-D™ Exhaust System
• Callaway Exterior and Interior Badging
• Callaway Underhood Build Plaque with VIN
• Callaway Key Fob
• Callaway Authenticity Documentation Package
• Callaway 3 year / 36,000 mile Warranty
• Optional Callaway S3 ShortThrow Shifter
• Optional Callaway Exhaust Slat Package

Additional Features

• Pfadt suspension upgrades
• Fully electric convertible top in excellent condition
• Minor blemishes on carbon fiber front air dam



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