2012 Callaway Camaro SC572

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2012 Callaway Camaro SC572 For Sale

Key Specifications

• VIN: 2G1FT1EW1C9138170
• Chevrolet Camaro 45th Anniversary Package, GM RPO H45
• Rare 1-year-only Carbon Flash Metallic Exterior
• 6-Speed Manual Transmission
• Odometer reads only 4300 miles

Callaway Camaro Package includes

• Callaway TVS2300 Roots-type Supercharger
• Air/Liquid Intercooler, Integral with Intake Manifold
• Callaway Carbon Engine Covers
• Callaway High Flow Intake System
• Callaway Low-Restriction Exhaust System
• Callaway Electronic Engine Management System Reprogramming
• Callaway Anodized Door Threshold Panels
• Callaway Embroidered Floor Mats and Headrests
• Callaway Interior and Exterior Badging
• Callaway Key Fob
• Original Callaway Authenticity Documentation Package
Callaway Package and Options originally added $27,240 to this Camaro

Optional Equipment includes

• Callaway PowerWindow hood ($3,950 option)
• Callaway Chrome-Coat Supercharger Finish ($1,100 option)
• Callaway 9-Spoke 20” Wheel Package, “Black Chrome” ($4,195 option)
• Pirelli P Zero tires, 245/45ZR-20 front and 275/40ZR-20 rear
• Chevrolet-optional Hurst Short Throw Shifter

From the owner…

Callaway Camaro Performance
Reported by Road and Track Magazine, 2/4/2010:
The 572 bhp and 541 lb-ft of torque produced by the supercharged LS3 at 6400 rpm and 4000 rpm, respectively, pushes the SC572 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds and through the quarter-mile in 12.2 sec. at 118.5 mph. Compared to stock, that’s a half-second faster to 60, and 0.8 sec. faster to the quarter, with a 7-mph advantage through the traps.

All documentation will be provided with the vehicle including Callaway Certificate of Authenticity, all service visits, Chevrolet window sticker, Callaway window sticker, plus both GM and Callaway build sheets and product brochures for 2012.

Less than six of these 45th Anniversary Callaway Camaros were built according to email provided by Callaway.

This car was purchased in Las Vegas Nevada and has never seen rain or been parked outside overnight. The owner has a clean, accident-free CarFax report.



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