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Callaway Cars Business Unit

Designs, develops and manufactures Callaway-brand vehicles and aftermarket performance products.

  • Utilizes team-based development methods to produce limited edition ultra-high-performance vehicles
  • Employs latest design, development, and manufacturing processes to offer Callaway brand aftermarket
    performance products
  • Manufacturer of the Callaway Corvettes, Callaway Camaros, Callaway SportTrucks and Callaway C16’s
  • Rich lineage of Callaway automobiles, including the legendary 1987-1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette (GM RPO B2K), the 1992-1996 SuperNatural® Corvette and the 2012 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Callaway Corvette (GM RPO B2K)

The Callaway Concept

No Tuna Cahs

No “Tuner Cars” here, Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s are new GM vehicles that are upfit with Callaway-designed performance and appearance equipment packages. GM drop-ships vehicles from their assembly plants to Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California where the Callaway upgrades are installed per established assembly procedures. Completed “Powerfully Engineered” Callaways are shipped to Authorized Callaway Dealers – select GM dealerships across the US and Canada – where Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s are sold.

Callaway warranty coverage overlaps GM new car warranty coverage. While GM warranties on “Tuner Cars” are null and void, GM maintains records of Callaway vehicles in their warranty system database, identified by VIN (vehicle identification number). This allows GM dealerships to identify genuine Callaway vehicles and perform warranty repairs as required.

• Link to Callaway Specialist Constructor Statement: HERE