Callaway C12 | ’97-01


The Callaway C12 was originally created to win the GT2 class at Le Mans. In fact, a Callaway C12.R took the class pole position at Le Mans in 2001, beating Porsche, Ferrari and other world-class marques. Subsequently produced Callaway C12 road cars utilized much of the C12.R technology, but configured to present the driver with a refined sportscar with excellent road car manners.

Built in conjunction with the IVM Engineering Group of Germany, the C12 project was a combined effort of Callaway Cars (USA) and Callaway Competition (Germany). With styling provided by Callaway’s accomplished designer, Paul Deutschman, the C12 used the 1997-2004 Corvette platform as a donor vehicle, transforming an already-great car into a world beater. With the completely new body a full two meters wide to take advantage of Le Mans dimensional regulations, Callaway engineers developed the C12 coil-over suspension with its own unique control arm forgings and tuned, adjustable dampers. C12.R power was provided by highly tuned, naturally aspirated LS-series engines built by Callaway to Le Mans specs, while C12 road cars were powered by the SuperNatural version of the new LS-series Corvette engines.

Only 20 Callaway C12 road cars were ever produced, purchased at an average price of approximately $200,000. They are coveted by leading car collectors worldwide.

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