C17 Callaway Corvette | ’05-13


The 2005-2013 Callaway Corvette was a specialist version of the C6 Corvette, built by Callaway Cars expert craftsmen and sold through selected Callaway/Chevrolet dealers. The 17th “C-Project” undertaken by Callaway first produced naturally-aspirated “SuperNatural” 450, 461, 490 (6.0L) and 550 (6.8L & 7.0L) horsepower Callaway Corvettes.

In February 2006, Callaway returned to its positive manifold pressure roots, introducing Callaway “SuperCharged” Corvettes. Moving from the turbocharged C4 design to the Roots-style supercharger for 2006, the new design offered improved durability, easier maintenance, emission compliance, and instant off-idle power. Debuting with 560 horsepower from 6.0 liters, over the years increased displacement and improved components produced 580, 606, and 616 horsepower. The Z06-based 7.0 liter Callaway SuperCharged Corvette generated 652 horsepower.

Limited edition models were also offered. In 2009, A Reeves Callaway Signature Edition, designated “RCSE”, debuted a new Eaton TVS based supercharger system, special badging and graphics. In 2012, Callaway celebrated its 25th year with Corvette by producing 25 Twenty-fifth Anniversary Callaway Corvettes. Chevrolet built all 25 cars in a single production run, identified as RPO B2K, the same Regular Production Option as the 1987-91 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes.

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