C18 Callaway Camaro | ’09-present

Callaway Camaro - C18Callaway Camaro - C18

The Callaway Camaro is a specialist version of the sixth generation, Alpha-based Chevrolet Camaro, recognized by the automotive performance world as a systems-engineered muscle car built for the 21st century, and sold through Authorized Callaway/Chevrolet dealers. It is denoted as “C18” as it is the 18th major automotive project undertaken by Callaway.

Adhering to a design philosophy forged over thirty years of constructing “Powerfully Engineered, Seriously Fast” automobiles, the Callaway Camaro provides intimidating power while displaying refined manners: 11.0-second ET capability with no fuel mileage penalty, perfect drivability, an unmatched warranty program and an array of optional performance and aesthetic enhancements.

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