C3 Alfa Romeo Twin Turbo | ’83-86

Alfa Romeo GTV-6
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The success of Callaway Turbo Systems led to a formal arrangement with Alfa Romeo to turbocharge their 2.5 liter sports coupe, the GTV-6.

The Callaway Twin Turbo GTV-6 was a low-production, high-performance flagship, giving the Alfa platform a new round of exposure. It also allowed Callaway to demonstrate its proficiency at meeting the testing, documentation and production standards required by Original Equipment manufacturers. The Callaway Twin Turbo GTV-6 performance caught the attention of Dave McLellan, Corvette Chief Engineer. The project was instrumental in triggering the Callaway-Corvette association.

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Click HERE to read Val and Roxanne Herrera’s description of “Alto Miglia”, the Alfa Romeo Owners Club National Convention in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 2021. The Herreras are proud owners of a pristine Alfa Romeo Twin Turbo GTV-6, factory-equipped with the Callaway turbocharger system. Reeves Callaway was on hand as a celebrity presenter.

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