Alfa Romeo National Convention Report – 2021

Alto Miglia

Val and Roxanne Herrera are proud owners of a beautiful Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV-6. Val recounts his experience at the 2021 Alfa Romeo AROC Colorado Springs Nationals:

• Spent several days getting to Colorado Springs so Roxie could acclimate to higher (6,035 ft) elevation.

Roxanne Herrera

• Texas GTV6 Callaway car was the only one that attended the convention. I don’t know why other Callaway cars (~30) and owners were not there.

• Drove Texas car to nearby Pikes Peak International Raceway for track parade laps and photo shoot – fun.

• At times, Texas GTV6 Callaway car was on informal display at DoubleTree hotel entrance – I believe the car was well received.

• Drove car up Pikes Peak (14,115 ft) but only got halfway to summit – rear inboard locked: rotor/caliper issue.

Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6

• GTV6 Callaway twin turbo engine started and ran without problems at these higher elevations – great!

• Roxie and I had dinner with Mr. Reeves Callaway when he arrived at hotel – really a very nice guy.

Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6

• Told Reeves about my failed attempt up Pikes Peak. I blamed failure on wimpy hp Callaway engine before I relayed locked rear brake caliper issue – he smiled.

• Mr. Callaway, creator of the Callaway Twin Turbo GTV6, presented a tech talk/Q&A session covering the history of the car’s development, manufacture and provided a 2021 registry of the 35+/- cars produced – 50 Alfisti or so attended talk.

• Texas GTV6 Callaway car attended AROC Concorso car show for formal AROC National Concorso Judging – car received 101.3 points score (out of 100.0) and won 1st place Alfa Callaway GTV6 award.

Alfa Romeo Callaway GTV6

• At next day’s breakfast awards presentation, AROC National Chief Judge suggested Texas Callaway GTV6 car might be best example in existence.

• Texas GTV6 Callaway car owners had great time at event.

• Spent about a week getting home – a lot of Roxie’s relatives in Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri.