Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance
1987-1991 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette – GM RPO B2K

• Air Filter
The 1987 Twin Turbo Corvette uses the standard replacement Corvette Air Filter element.
1988-1990 Twin Turbo Corvettes use Callaway part number 203.42.2531 (Paper) or 203.42.2532 (Gauze)
1991 Twin Turbo Corvettes use Callaway part number 2.01.00076.

• Coolant
Your Twin Turbo Corvette does not require special anti-freeze or cooling system maintenance. However, take special care to ensure that all air is bled from the engine whenever the cooling system is flushed or the low coolant warning light may flicker intermittently.

• Engine Oil and Filter Requirements
Because of the enhanced output of the Callaway Twin Turbo engine, consistent oil maintenance is essential for proper operation of the vehicle. The Callaway engine is assembled with different clearances compared to the Corvette production engine so oil types and service intervals are different from those recommended in the Corvette Owner’s Manual (see Lubrication Chart below). It is critical that you check the engine oil level every time you fill up with fuel.

• Choosing the Right Oil
Callaway recommends the use of Mobil 1™ Formula 15W50 synthetic engine oil only. Mobil 1™ provides superior high temperature lubrication and protection of critical engine and turbocharger components that normal mineral-based oils cannot provide. Callaway does not recommend lighter viscosity or non-synthetic oils for use in the Twin Turbo Corvette (see Lubrication Chart below). You can feel confident in using the same weight of oil year-round, regardless of climate.

• Oil Capacities
A complete engine oil and filter change requires 6 quarts of oil. See the Lubrication Chart below for other powertrain component lubrication capacities.

• Spark Plugs
Callaway recommends spark plug replacement every 12,000 miles with Champion 2095 H.O.T. spark plugs. Set the gap per factory specifications at .035”.

Lubrication Chart



Change Interval

Engine Mobil 1™ 15W-50 6 qts. w/filter 4000 mi./4 mos.
Manual Transmission GM #1052931 2.5 qts.* add only as needed
Differential Mobil 1™ Gear Lube 1 qt.* add only as needed

* Capacity is measured to the lower edge of fill hole located on left. Amount varies slightly depending on how thoroughly the unit was drained.