C6 SuperNatural Corvette | ’92-96

Callaway Corvette LM Race Car and Road Car

Chevrolet’s introduction of the LT1 in 1992 as the base engine in the Corvette phased out the L98-based Callaway Twin Turbo.

Callaway’s SuperNatural® engines succeeded the Twin Turbo, employing tuned, unboosted, “natural” aspiration principles in the engine design. They were based on both the pushrod 2-valve LT1 as well as the ZR1’s overhead cam, 4-valve LT5. The SuperNatural® engines adhered to Callaway’s doctrine of high power, compliant emissions, and extended durability for everyday road use.

SuperNatural® Corvettes were not only equipped with remarkable engines, Callaway also engineered a series of performance and appearance enhancements for these cars, positioning the SuperNatural® Corvette as one of the premier high performance road cars in the world.

Callaway successfully competed at Le Mans in 1995 through 1997 with a SuperNatural® Corvette race car, achieving pole position. A limited production run of a road car version of the Le Mans SuperNatural® Corvette was also released. SuperNatural® Corvette race car and limited edition “LM”-bodied road car are pictured above.

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