Frequently Asked Questions – Callaway Racing

1) Callaway was given the rights to build the Corvette C7 GT3/R in July of 2013. Was there anything in the deal that did not allow a Callaway Corvette (including the Z06.R GT3) to compete in the United States?

In June of 2013, General Motors designated Callaway Competition GmbH the right to homologate the Corvette Stingray for FIA GT3 competition. This right was issued with the understanding that Callaway would construct, campaign and support these cars in regions of the world where Callaway Competition had an existing racing customer base – primarily Europe and not North America.

2) With Pirelli World Challenge and now IMSA allowing full-spec FIA GT3 cars, is it possible to see the C7 GT3/R in either of those two series in the near future?

Currently, our agreement with General Motors precludes Callaway from competing in North America with our Corvette C7 GT3/R – including PWC and IMSA.

3) It’s a beautiful car, what has the reception from customers and potential customers been like?

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. The design and execution of this car incorporates a tremendous amount of experience and theory – all yielding a very high degree of capability. Given the potential of this car, we see a bright future for both our new and returning race team partners.

4) Where else besides ADAC GT Masters can we see the C7 GT3/R race?

Possible racing series include: Blancpain Endurance and Sprint, national series like United Kingdom, Italy, France …

5) What is Callaway’s view on the GT3 class now becoming so popular in North America?

From the beginning, our view has been that GT3 will be the future of GT racing – worldwide. We’ve experienced the acceptance and growth of GT3 from its inception – on a world stage. It is satisfying to see this early thought come to fruition in North America, as well. However, we also fully understand the current General Motors motorsports marketing strategy does not align with having the Callaway Corvette GT3 compete in North America. Therefore, at this time, we will continue to focus on our European customers.

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