Certificate of Authenticity, Alfa Romeo

Authenticates: 1984-1987 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Callaway Twin-Turbo

Callaway maintains a database that includes every car, pickup truck and SUV that it has produced. Each of the records in this database contains the Vehicle Identification Number, as well as specific vehicle build information such as body type, exterior color, interior color, etc. For privacy reasons, no personal information is part of the Certificate.

Callaway Certificates of Authenticity for Alfas are beautifully printed on premium bond and matted in a premium quality frame. Founder Reeves Callaway’s signature serves as ultimate validation that your Callaway is “The Genuine Article”.

You may place your order by calling Callaway Cars at (860) 434-9002, or enter your order here by adding the item to the Cart. If you order online, please be sure that your vehicle’s VIN is included where indicated in the order form. If you are purchasing certificates for multiple cars, please separate the VINs with a semi-colon (;). If you can’t find the VIN on the vehicle, call Callaway Cars for instructions.

NB: Porsche AG charges $500.00 for an equivalent Certificate.

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