Diffuser Panel Kit, Honker, 2008-13 Corvette

This Diffuser Panel Kit may be installed to eliminate surging and other drivability issues exhibited by some 2008-2013 Corvettes. This product is optional; drivability issues do not occur in all Honker-equipped 2008-2013 Corvettes. This product does not impede inlet airflow.


  • Diffuser Panel
  • Air Box Base
  • Push Pins
  • Cap Screws
  • Complete Installation Instructions

The increased airflow of the Honker system, compared to stock air filter systems and other intakes, can cause drivability issues in some instances. Once the Honker system is installed, the Corvette's mass airflow sensor is exposed to less-restricted airflow and responds to an airflow amplitude and frequency profile that it otherwise would not experience. Most Corvette mass airflow sensors and engine management controllers adapt to the different input. However, some Corvettes respond by surging, by developing rough idle and/or by triggering the Check Engine Soon light. The Diffuser Panel Kit filters out the airflow pulses that cause these problems.

Requires some cutting and assembly.

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