Get Your “B2K 35th Anniversary Edition” Callaway Corvette

• Call Callaway Cars at (866) 927-9400 Toll Free or complete the form shown below.
• We will start the process by providing information and answering your questions. If you do not have a preferred Chevrolet dealer, we will suggest Callaway-authorized Chevrolet Dealers in your geographic area.
• Finalize your order with the Callaway Specialist at the Chevrolet Dealer. The Dealer will place the GM and Callaway orders to initiate vehicle production.

You can purchase a “B2K 35th Anniversary Edition” Callaway Corvette from any GM-authorized Chevrolet dealer. Your Corvette will be built at Chevrolet’s Bowling Green, Kentucky factory, then drop-shipped by Chevrolet to either our Connecticut or California plant for final assembly per RPO PCY specifications. You may choose to take delivery at your Chevrolet dealer or at either Callaway facility. You can also pick up your Callaway at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, by specifying GM Delivery Option RPO R8C, or choose Thompson Speedway’s Track Delivery at the racetrack in Thompson, Connecticut.

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