Owner’s Quote –
Dave’s 2012 Callaway Corvette

May 2, 2018

Thank you, Joanne, for sending me a copy of the actual window sticker for my 2012 Callaway!! It has a copious amount of very useful information.

I’m 74 years old and have owned several Corvettes over that time starting with a red 1962, an orange 1971 convertible, and now the 2012 Callaway. They have all been great fun to drive; however, none of them took my breath away like the Callaway. I don’t mean just the power … Shazam! The acceleration will light your hair on fire!

I think the Callaway just might be one of the most expressive, highly innovative, and wonderfully focused-on … significantly stirring the imagination of folks of all ages. IT’S A HOOT TO WATCH PEOPLE EXPRESS THEMSELVES AND, IF PARKED AT THE LOCAL ICE CREAM PARLOR, LIKE WE DO, TO JUST LISTEN TO THE BANTER BETWEEN WOMEN AND MEN, YOUNG AND OLD, FLAUNT THEIR WIDELY VARYING OPINIONS ON HOW MY CAR, A HEARTSTOPPIN’, SEXY DREAM MACHINE, WAS CONCEIVED…

Thanks again, Joanne.

The Happy Owner