Callaway Engineering

Contract engineering and manufacturing services for automotive OEM’s; with focus on high performance vehicles, systems and components.

  • Provides full range of contract engineering and manufacturing services with special focus on high performance vehicles, systems and components
  • Highly skilled in meeting performance and emissions compliance targets
  • Optimizes the latest PTC Pro/ENGINEER® design software solutions
  • Excels in engineering and manufacturing durable high output engines
  • Offers complete dynamometer services and extensive validation testing
  • Performs craftsman-quality assembly of small to medium-sized production runs

Project Management Services

  • Production assembly and supply of bespoke engine configurations for the OE
  • Engine power enhancements
  • Engine design and manufacture
  • Uprated engine specification and production build
  • Turbosystem design and manufacture
  • Powertrain optimization for production line implementation
Mazdaspeed Turbo Design

Successful project management hinges on the elements of timely execution, fastidious cost control and deliverables that exceed expectations. Numerous projects, conducted over 30 years of working with the OE automotive community, have equipped the engineering staff at Callaway with the management tools to execute programs on time and on budget.

Engine Engineering Services

  • Complete engine design services
  • Turbo-supercharged, mechanically supercharged, or normally aspirated
  • Power development and predictive modeling
  • Engine management expertise – Bosch, Delphi, Ford, Marelli, Lucas
  • Race engine development and supply
  • Fuel economy and emission compliance
  • Rapid prototyping to full proof of concept
  • In-house manufacturing and dynamometer testing
  • Production assembly and supply of bespoke engine configurations for the OE
Engine Engineering

The core of Callaway is the engine engineering capability. We believe that the heart of the automobile is the engine, its power and its sound. We are not wedded to one form of engine power increase.

On the contrary, we are experienced in almost every form of power generation. The key is in selecting the right method for the task. What has set us apart is our facility for generating improvements in power, fuel economy and emissions in realms where those limits are at near maximum.

Whether it is the design and production of the DOHC 4V cylinder heads for Aston Martin or the twin turbocharged conversions for General Motors and Alfa Romeo that achieved Regular Production Option status, or the efficiency and optimization of the Range Rover powertrain that resulted in Land Rover producing the Callaway Special Edition, or the production turbocharging of the MazdaSpeed Protegé series, we are ready to accept the challenge of high performance engine work for the OE.

Automotive Design Services

  • Engineering oriented, functional design
  • Elegant design aesthetic
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Wide range of composite materials
  • Low cost tooling
  • Low-to-intermediate volume parts supply
C12 Design

A review of Callaway projects will emphasize the role that appealing functional and effective design plays at Callaway. Our design team, led by Paul Deutschman, has tackled such varied projects as complete automobile designs (the Callaway C7) to body conversions (the Callaway AeroBodys) all with the unifying element – they have to be good looking. But because we are engineers, they also have to work.

A good example is the Callaway C12. The hard points of this project were fixed as we were starting with a production platform, but the overall shape had to result in the most efficient aerodynamic platform for the car to be best in class at Le Mans. It also had to be crashworthy, produceable at a certain cost and volume, and beautiful enough to make it a desirable sportscar. This complex equation was solved, we think, by the Callaway design team in a winning way.

This shape as tested by Mercedes Benz in their wind tunnel (1998, Stuttgart, full size, moving ground plane) resulted in the lowest coefficient of drag and the least lift of any contemporary sports car. Their full aerodynamic report is available on request.

Fast execution, rapid prototyping, low volume manufacturing in a wide range of composites are our strengths. We value the opportunity to be involved in design projects for original equipment manufacturers.