Program Partners

Link To PTC

Callaway Cars has partnered with Parametric Technology Corporation to utilize the most advanced computer aided design and manufacturing software available: Pro/ENGINEER®. It has been instrumental in Callaway product development, including projects such as the Callaway C12, the Mazdaspeed Protegé turbocharger system, the Callaway C16 and new Callaway Corvette components.

Pro/ENGINEER allows Callaway to design and analyze complete projects, reducing design and development time, thereby maximizing the creativeness of Callaway’s engineers and technicians.

Link to Michelin

Callaway Cars partners with Michelin North America Inc. in order to provide Callaway cars and trucks with the best tires available. Callaway engineers understand that the tires are the vehicle’s interface with the outside world and, as such, are some of the most important components of the vehicle. Likewise, Michelin appreciates that Callaway can provide performance data and exposure to the Callaway owner demographic segment. Callaway is proud of its association with Michelin and its sister BFGoodrich truck tire brand.


Callaway Cars is proud to have NCM Insurance Agency as a Program Partner. As part of the National Corvette Museum, they offer Corvette insurance, collector car insurance, and car club insurance. And, of course, NCM Insurance offers Callaway Corvette, Callaway Camaro and Callaway SportTruck insurance. In fact, their programs can accommodate practically any make and model of collector vehicle. They currently insure many Callaway Corvettes, from the RPO B2K Twin Turbo Corvettes to the latest generation supercharged SC-series. Their Agreed Value Coverage, their “Nine-to-Five Driver” Option and flexible Mileage Options are just some of the features that are offered to address the unique needs of the specialty car owner.