Authenticity and Value

The Genuine Article

Callaway enjoys a long history of producing specialty vehicles that are highly valued, if not coveted. So much so that people try to produce copies of Callaway cars and trucks. Callaway shall remain vigilant, protecting Callaway owners, their vehicles’ value and Callaway’s brand reputation. Rest assured that no one can replicate a Callaway.

Callaway maintains a database that includes every Callaway C16, Callaway Corvette, Callaway Camaro and Callaway Silverado, Tahoe and Suburban (and their GMC variants) it has produced, beginning with the first Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes built for Chevrolet in 1987. Each of these records contains the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), as well as other specific vehicle information, including a chronicle of telephone and e-mail correspondence between Callaway personnel and each owner since the vehicle purchase. If someone needs to confirm whether a Callaway car or truck is authentic, they can call our Connecticut office with the vehicle’s VIN. Other information is not shared without the explicit permission of the current owner.

In addition, Callaway emblems and other components are manufactured exclusively for Callaway cars and trucks and cannot be purchased separately. This is another element that makes cloning impossible. Callaway supercharger serial numbers are also kept in Callaway’s electronic database and correspond to cars’ specific VIN’s.

Callaway’s investment in its Marque ensures that vehicles branded Callaway enjoy excellent value. Recognition by NADA in their Exotic and Collectible Car Price Guide, reception at national specialty vehicle auctions, and Callaway’s unique relationship with vehicle OEM’s are just a few of the factors illustrating the maturity and power of the Callaway brand.

To support your Callaway’s authenticity, when you purchase a Callaway, you are presented with an Authenticity Documentation Package. The package includes a letter from Reeves Callaway welcoming you to the Callaway family, Callaway warranty documents, Callaway literature and a leather-bound Certificate of Authenticity. The Certificate specifies the original owner’s name, address and specific vehicle information, including interior and exterior colors, Callaway options and VIN. Reeves’ signature serves as ultimate validation that your Callaway is the Genuine Article.

Certificate of Authenticity

Callaway offers reissued Certificates of Authenticity to current owners, officially verifying that your vehicle is a genuine Callaway. It adds value to your machine and supports your vehicle’s provenance. Identified by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the document includes specific configuration information for your car, pickup or SUV. However, no personal information is on the Certificate. No owner name, no pricing, no address, phone or email. Just the mechanical birth certificate, if you will.

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