The Designer


Paul Deutschman has provided design input for Callaway projects and vehicle series since the late 1980’s. From developing the bodywork for Callaway’s 254 mph Sledgehammer ’88 Corvette, which evolved into the AeroBody option for the Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette series, to today’s limited edition Callaway car and truck design elements, the Callaway-Deutschman alliance has produced some of the most stunning vehicles ever built.

Paul’s Montreal-based Deutschman Design team provides Callaway Cars with concepts, layouts and renderings. The firm has also been contracted by such manufacturers as Bombardier, Roadtrek, Fibrobec, Canadian Electric Boat, and research groups such as Institute for Advanced Transportation of Quebec.

Paul studied automotive engineering at the Hatfield Polytechnic near London, England and received industrial training at Jaguar and Rover, initially on the assembly lines and subsequently in the styling studios. On November 17, 2014, the University of Hertfordshire awarded him with an honorary doctorate degree in recognition of his outstanding contribution to automotive design.

Deutschman-Designed Callaways