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The Callaway Concept

No Tuna Cahs

No “Tuner Cars” here, Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s are new, premium-trim GM vehicles that are upfit with Callaway-designed performance and appearance equipment. GM drop-ships vehicles from their assembly plants to Callaway facilities in Connecticut and California where, unlike “Tuner Cars”, upgrades are installed according to defined lists of Callaway-engineered, service-proven components per specific assembly procedures. Collections of off-the-shelf, aftermarket performance parts manufactured by various manufacturers and used in “tuner cars” are not used in Callaways. Completed Callaways are shipped to Authorized Callaway Dealers – select GM dealerships across the US and Canada – where Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s are inventoried and sold.

Unlike most “tuner cars”, Callaway vehicles are emissions-compliant. No original equipment emissions-related components are defeated and CARB (California Air Resources Board) Executive Orders have been issued for Callaway GenThree™ superchargers; Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s meet the emission standards for use on pollution controlled vehicles in all of the 50 United States.

Callaway warranty coverage overlaps GM new car warranty coverage. GM maintains a folder of Callaways in their warranty system database, identified by VIN (vehicle identification number). This allows GM dealerships to identify genuine Callaway vehicles and perform warranty repairs as required, while GM warranties on “Tuner Cars” are null and void.

Finally, Callaway Authorized Dealers can arrange financing of Callaway cars, pickups and SUV’s – including the price of the Callaway Package and Options.

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Powerfully Engineered

Supercharger Technology

Callaway-engineered for more power and cooler charge air.

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The most comprehensive aftermarket program in the business.

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Constructed to be recognized as the Genuine Article.

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