Callaway/Thompson Partnership

Callaway Cars / Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
Callaway Cars / Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
Callaway Cars / Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

A Driven Alliance.

Callaway Cars Inc. and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP) have established a partnership that applies each organization’s unique abilities toward common objectives. In addition to marketing support, Callaway supplies engineering and other technical support to maintain TSMP’s Drivers Club fleet. Callaway also arranges for current Callaway owners and new buyers to enjoy Thompson facilities, enhancing the ownership experience. Plus, a new Track Delivery option is now offered to new Callaway buyers, described below. TSMP provides Callaway with marketing support, including Callaway product promotion. Racetrack facilities are utilized for Callaway product and vehicle testing and validation.

Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park is located in Thompson, Connecticut. Callaway Cars is headquartered in Old Lyme, Connecticut, with facilities in Temecula, California, and Leingarten, Germany.

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Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park offers a variety of services and amenities, including Track Rental, Corporate and Private Event Packages, the Raceway Golf Club, and a premier quality Driver’s Club. Drive your own car or rent a track car. For Driver’s Club Membership information, click Here.

Choose trackside delivery of your new Callaway Corvette or Callaway Camaro.

Callaway at Thompson Speedway Callaway at Thompson Speedway Callaway at Thompson Speedway Callaway at Thompson Speedway

Pick up your new Callaway at Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park in Thompson, Connecticut and enjoy a unique delivery experience. Callaway staff work with Thompson personnel to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to your new car. The Delivery Team guides you through the features and capabilities of your Callaway Corvette or Callaway Camaro and shows you how your car can perform in actual on-track conditions. You’ll get track time with your new Callaway and a factory engineer will show you how to get the most from your car’s added performance.

This option also includes full access to the Thompson Speedway Motorsport Park paddock area as well as lunch with the Callaway team.

Callaway Track Delivery Includes:
• Personalized, Track-Side Presentation of your new Callaway
• Comprehensive Vehicle Walkthrough with a Callaway Engineer
• Hands-on Instruction of Track Settings and PDR System
• Video Data Review with Callaway Engineering
• Private Track Sessions with Personal Driving Instructor Support
• Access to Paddock Area
• Lunch at the Track with Callaway Staff

Owners’ Comments

“It’s hard to put into words how awesome the experience was. What made this experience most memorable were all the great people involved in the process. Having a phenomenal driving instructor with all the support of the Callaway team and racetrack staff made this the best automotive experience I have had to date.” – Roger Jou, 2019 Callaway Corvette Owner

“When I picked my car up at Thompson, it was almost overwhelming. Very informative and exciting. It was great to see what the car was really capable of!” – Matthew Gaglio, 2019 Callaway Corvette Owner

Callaway Track Delivery Info Sheet

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Callaway Track Delivery Info Sheet 1 Callaway Track Delivery Info Sheet 2
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Model Year / Application

Part No.

2020-24 Callaway Corvette 185.80.0003
2016-24 Callaway Camaro 185.37.0003