New Generation Callaway SUVs & Pickups

New Generation SUVs & Pickups

The most advanced SUVs and Pickups in General Motors’ history are now transformed into genuine Callaway performance vehicles.

For 45 years, Callaway has forged new engineering advancements in positive manifold pressure applications; i.e., turbocharging and supercharging. Since building Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes with Chevrolet during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Callaway engineers have been on the forefront of developing high-horsepower GM cars and trucks capable of flawless drivability, responsible emission compliance and reliable warranty coverage.

With DNA rooted in Callaway Corvette performance, the new SUVs and pickups shown below are equipped with GenThree™ supercharging, utilizing service-proven, large displacement Eaton TVS rotor pack assemblies, complemented with Callaway’s proprietary supercharger housing and highly efficient TripleCooled™ intercooling system. With superior charge air cooling, maximum power is on tap, even under sustained severe service. Callaway standard equipment also includes intake and exhaust systems designed to support the increased inlet air and exhaust gas flow demands of the supercharged engines. The result is 520 horsepower for 5.3L models and 602 horsepower for 6.2L models, SAE-corrected.

Extra power – up to 182 horsepower more than stock – is certainly impressive. However, the Callaway marque represents more than just breathtaking power. These new Callaway-branded SUVs and pickup trucks are also equipped with tasteful aesthetic upgrades, observing Callaway’s signature sophisticated approach. Standard equipment includes Callaway Badging, interior and exterior, Callaway Carbon Mid-Engine Covers, Anodized Door Sill Inserts and Key Medallions. Plus, an Authenticity Documentation Package certifies that your Callaway is “the Genuine Article”. A host of performance and appearance options are also available to personalize your Callaway.

Standard equipment also includes Callaway’s 3 Year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty. Supplementing the factory GM warranties, the Callaway warranty provides the most comprehensive coverage of any specialty vehicle manufacturer. Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac dealers across North America provide warranty service with support from Callaway when required. An optional 5 Year/60,000 Mile Powertrain Service Contract is also available. For more warranty information, click HERE.

New Callaway SUVs and pickups are sold and serviced by Callaway-authorized Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac dealers across North America. After GM vehicles are produced at their assembly plants, General Motors delivers them to Callaway factories in California and Connecticut, where Callaway equipment is installed by expert craftsmen according to exacting Callaway engineering specifications. Then the Callaway SUVs and pickups are shipped to the selling dealer or, optionally, the new owner can take delivery at the Callaway factory. The completed vehicle can also be shipped directly to the new owner’s requested location.

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