Owner’s Quote – Dale – Sep 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

The entire experience has been great. The salesman Will was great & very well educated on your product. The only way he could have been better would be a female supermodel saleswoman. Hey I can dream too eh….lol. The car has been great, unreal, a head turner for sure. The moment I saw the car I knew it was mine. The hood was the real attraction for me first, then it just kept getting better. I think if you talked with Will at the dealership offers were being pushed back & forth inside of 6 to 7 minutes of me seeing & talking about the car. Even your high standard of golfing equipment crossed my mind when I was informed of the connection. I have always golfed with Callaway & would not consider ever changing that. I will send you a pic of me & the car asap, I am in northern Alberta Oilfield right now & not at home. The car is getting lots of exposure in Bonnyville which has a very high amount of performance cars in the town. It is a town of lots of people with success in Oil & I have had many ask where I got it from.

Thank you,

Bonnyville, AB Canada

2010 Callaway Camaro SC572