Owner’s Quote –
Doug’s Callaway Range Rover

May 15, 2020

Report from Doug Setniker, Callaway Range Rover 055

Enjoying the engineering thought put into the vehicle and taken to the next level by Callaway, enabled many memorable fun family outings. Three combined rescues/upstaging other prominent off-road vehicles- A snow and ice storm covered roads in a sheet of ice in Leavenworth WA (a famous German vacation resort town). A family in a minivan became stranded at the bottom of a road-valley unable to make it up either side, even after the attempted assist of multiple Jeeps. Confident in our Rover’s ability, we entered down into the valley to the disbelief and wave-offs from onlookers. By the time we got Rover in position and hooked up to the mini van with the owners acceptance, the streets were lined on both side to watch another failed attempt. Our well-shod Rover put to use the special Callaway gear ratio transfer case upgrades, giving a gentle and then firm pull. The minivan was smoothly pulled to the top of the ravine with just enough wheel slip to keep the diffs engaged and Callaway exhaust note exciting the crowd. We were loudly cheered from both sides of the street as the crowd watched us all in disbelief and the minivan family and ours were cheering loudly with smiles ear to ear! This was the first of many adventures surpassing others with our Callaway Rover including climbing off-road in areas where Jeeps backed down, saying it was impossible. Our Callaway Rover taught our children some very valuable lessons in helping and conquering others.

Doug's Callaway Edition Range Rover 055