Owner’s Quote – Gary – Nov 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

What was the original attraction (how did you find out about Callaway?)
– My brother bought one. I fell in love instantly.

How was your buying experience?
– It was great.

How were you treated by Callaway staff or dealership personnel?
– Fantastic.

What has been your ownership experience? First impressions vs. longer term thoughts?
– Have only had the car for a short while, but I know already, I have never owned anything like this.

Praises? Problems?
– No problems yet, love the car.

What other cars have you had/enjoyed and how does the Callaway stack up?
– I have owned many cars over the years but nothing compares to this.

What can we do to make the car or the buying experience and ownership more enjoyable?
– Not sure, it was a pretty smooth transaction.

I’ll send a pic later when we get a little better weather.

Easley, SC
2010 Callaway Corvette SC606 Conv.