Owner’s Quote –
Jeff’s Callaway Corvette SC652

March 18, 2020

Thank you very much for the email and warm welcome. We are very excited to own and get to know this vehicle. I’ve been into cars, and especially Corvettes, since I was a little kid. I had a poster of a Callaway C4 Corvette on my wall as a youngster. I started searching for an Inferno Orange Metallic Carbon Edition Z06 or ZR1 several years ago, and just couldn’t find any for sale (for good reason). I was able to locate and purchase a 2012 IOM Grand Sport a few years ago, and began modifying that vehicle like I have with the many vehicles I have owned over the years.

I’ll be honest that I was unaware that Callaway was still modifying Corvettes after all these years. I saw this vehicle for sale just last week, an Inferno Orange Carbon Edition with the Callaway SC652 package and I knew right then that I had to have it. I contacted Callaway Cars with some questions, and Tom responded very quickly answering my questions about the vehicle before I made the purchase. My children, who helped with most of the modifications on Grand Sport, were very upset with me that I was getting rid of that vehicle… until I brought home the new one ?.

The Callaway went right into my garage where I started adding some pieces I kept from my GS. New headlights, tail lights, side markers and a custom steering wheel have been added so far. I’m not a fan of chrome or polished (no offense) so I will be replacing the Callaway emblems with their black/carbon flash versions to complete the black out treatment.

I’ll be sure to share my impressions when I get some more miles on her, but for now, it is one awesome machine! Thank you again.

– 2012 Callaway Corvette SC652

Jeff's 2012 Callaway Corvette SC652