Owner’s Quote – John – Sep 12, 2010

September 12, 2010

Dear Reeves,

I have been remiss in answering the letter you sent to me last May. I would like to thank you for asking for my thoughts on this unique vehicle.

First of all, I have been on a steep learning curve with Callaway cars and Corvettes in general. Though admired from afar I had never contemplated purchasing a Corvette or a Callaway. Up until a year ago I had no idea Callaway was still building cars. Living in Canada and in the west, GM is usually not kind to the enthusiast when ordering a car, especially with different RPO codes. Something to do with dealer allocations and Canada being at the end of the line.

I have been a Pontiac enthusiast my whole life and was always loyal to the brand. I own a couple of GTO’s and Trans Ams. I have owned modern ones as well, including some TA Firehawks. I was in the process of trying to order a Firehawk G8 when the Pontiac brand ceased to be and had tried prior for several months to get an allocation to no avail and started looking at other brands out of frustration. It is my understanding that SLP only built nine of these cars yet I could not order one. Go figure.

I started researching Corvettes and had thought that a Z06 was what I was needing. Again I was stymied as I went dealer to dealer looking at Corvettes. Ordering one was out of the question, The dealer ordered them in based on what they thought a customer wanted…. The dealership was afraid to lose their allocation if they left it up to the customer… another head shake!… also American dealerships are forbidden to sell to Canadian customers.

Then one morning I open my newspaper and the Automotive section had done a piece on Callaway Corvettes and the dealer network which had listed Nicholson Chevrolet as part of the Callaway dealership network. I went there, sat down, and had all my questions answered. The sales person (Will Hind) took me through all of the possibilities and permutations and I was able to order a Grand Sport with the SC606 package. They made the process painless… What a change! …Because of this I moved my business vehicle fleet there for our service needs.

Several months passed as I had told Will that spring was early enough, for delivery as driving a car like a Callaway in winter is not possible up here. Then April showed, and the Car arrived. This car is everything I had hoped for, fast, nimble handling, great looks and cool. It is the only Chev I have ever owned (other than the business vehicles)… The dealership has been great, responding to my needs and your rep Chris has answered my questions on the website promptly and without fan fare. It has been a great experience to date…. My only complaint is the tendency for the tires to pick up nails…. I have never had run flats up until now, yet I have had three to date…. not your issue but I am a nail magnet,… the perils of living in a new area….

As an anecdote… my young teenage niece who is enamored with all things shiny, informed that the car turned me into a Rock Star!

PS I just saw a second Callaway I have ever seen, other than some older turbo models that I have seen at Barrett Jackson going on the block.



Edmonton, AB Canada

2010 Callaway Corvette SC606 Coupe