Owner’s Quote – Richard – Oct 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

What was the original attraction (how did you find out about Callaway)?
I wanted a supercharger on the previous Corvette I owned. I was going to have Lingenfelter install a blower, then found Callaway could do the same install, plus a full factory warranty.

How was your buying experience?
I bought the car thru the internet, from Superior Chevy in Kansas City. My experience with them was excellent. I would buy again from them, if I didn’t have to drive nine hours to get there.

How were you treated by Callaway staff or dealership personnel?

What has been your ownership experience? First impressions vs. longer term thoughts?

Love the whine of the supercharger! Love the extra 150 horsepower. Love the reliability and warranty of the Callaway package. The only downside is “wiping the drool off the car after a cruise night“.

What other cars have you had/enjoyed and how does the Callaway stack up?
Absolutely the quickest and best handling car I have ever owned.

What can we do to make the car or the buying experience and ownership more enjoyable?
It would be nice if you gave a dyno sheet for each car, and how many were built for each year.

Munster, IN
2009 Callaway Corvette SC580 Coupe