Owners’ Quote – Ken and Jean, April 30, 2011


Please see several photos of our 2010 Grand Sport Callaway.

We don’t know if you recall, however, we met you at Speedway Chevrolet in Monroe, Washington about 2 years ago. At that time we had the Ron Fellows Limited Edition 2007 ZO6.

We purchased this package from Lee Johnson’s in Kirkland, Washington. I brought my Ron Fellows in for an oil leak and while it was being repaired I spotted this Callaway on their outside lot next to the showroom. About 2 weeks later after our Corvette Club meeting I took my wife with me to show her this Callaway and get her opinion of the car. After a test drive and shifting the short throw transmission as they say that about did it, I had to have a Callaway. Chris Pillings sold us the car. He represents Lee Johnson’s our club sponsor.

So now we have this 2010 Grand Sport Callaway and we are in love with this package. This is our 5th Corvette. We started with a C3 1981 and moved to a 2001, 2006 , 2007 and now this 2010.

We have to say that this car is like a moving car show. We have never had so many looks and comments about our other Corvettes as we do now with this Callaway Package. The performance is flawless and the tune of the Supercharger winding out is music to our ears, as my wife says.

We would not change a thing about how you build them, warrantee them and service them. Keep it up and as time goes on we hope to be able to purchase another one in 2018 which will be our 50th wedding anniversary.

You can certainly use this as our testimonial to a very special automobile.

Ken & Jean