Owner’s Quote –
Larry’s 2018 Callaway Corvette Z06 SC757

Just returned from a 1600+ mile road trip from southern Colorado to Pahrump/Spring Mountain, NV and back. My Callaway SC757 performed flawlessly. After several laps in a stock Z06, and many full throttle acceleration runs down the back straight… then hopping back into mine, the difference is stark and always impressive. I still don’t care about the “verbal dyno wars”. Maximum power with constant tinkering, questionable reliability and little or no warranty was never my goal.

Sitting in traffic in 100+º or many pulls at uh, “pretty legal” figures, coolant temps remained in consistent and acceptable ranges, never approaching a level of even moderate concern.

My goal was significant power increases, a package with history and exclusivity, OEM-level fit and finish, enhanced cooling, reliability, warranty preservation and the peace of mind of driving anywhere across the country, anytime, with complete confidence. Mission Accomplished. Thank You, Callaway Cars!