Callaway S4 Shifter, 2005-07 Corvette

Short. Solid. Slick. Superior.

Beyond superior functionality, the Callaway S4 Shifter design provides the “feel” we’ve always wanted. It immediately informs you that this device is a precision instrument. Once you feel how this performs, you’ll have to have one.

  • Short lever action reduces shift duration for lower et’s.
  • Durable billet shifter base eliminates flexing under high loads for positive gear engagement.
  • Unique design provides “precision feel”, eliminates “notchiness”.
  • Components are machined to exacting dimensions for precise, predictable function.
  • Adjustable stops provide positive feel while preventing transmission and linkage damage.
  • Easy to install, complete instructions included.

Shift knob not included. Uses stock and aftermarket knobs for 2005-2007 Corvettes.

Callaway P/N: 212.60.6001


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