Callaway Carbon Aero Package, 2006-13 Corvette

Fits 2006-2013 Grand Sport, Z06 and 427 Convertible.

Complete Callaway Carbon body package engineered to improve aerodynamics for increased stability at speed. Original equipment on the 2012 25th Anniversary Edition Callaway Corvette, RPO B2K.

Package includes:

  • Callaway Carbon Splitter
  • Callaway Carbon Rocker Panel Extensions
  • Callaway Carbon Rear Spoiler

All Callaway Carbon parts are manufactured at our Temecula, California, facility utilizing a proprietary application of Resin Transfer Molding (RTM). We use a closed mold and inject the resin under precisely controlled conditions of temperature and pressure, achieving a part integrity generally found only in medical and aerospace components. A Class A surface condition is achieved, with perfect weave and high gloss UV-resistant clear coat. The unique molding process also establishes all hard points in place, so that the part is removed from the tool “ready to wear”.

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Callaway P/N: 250.60.8450


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